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Now that you’ve watch the video on the +Adonit Jot Fine Point Stylus, I wanted to tell you my story of why I wanted this styli. It started with a simple Studio Talk conversation on iPhoneArt about stylus for the iPad. Everyone was saying what styli they liked and what they didn’t like. Well I decided to do a Google search on “Top Ten Stylus” and I found The Verge on reviewing stylus. I was watching the review and noticed most of the stylus were rubber tips.

Adnoit Jot Pro 2

Then I saw The Adonit Jot Pro, of course this styli stood out from the rest with it’s plastic disc at the tip. I was just amazed by its unique looks and design because it was nothing I’ve ever seen. Well six month ago I finally bought an iPad 4 to edit photos and get some drawing apps. I got tired of using my finger a lot on my iPad, so I wrote to Adonit and asked if they could give me a styli to write a review. I also wrote to 5 other stylus companies but Adonit was quick with a response and told me they will look into it.

Adonit Jot Pro 1

I got my Jot Pro in the mail and took it out of the package right away. This was one of the most exciting day I’ve had all year. It was a very surreal moment that a company took me seriously and sent me a product to test and review. Miles has been the guy whose helped me the most in getting a Jot Pro. I want to thank him and Jon for sending me emails back and fourth. I will talk more about the emails from both guys as the blog post progresses.

Adonit Jot Pro

Now let me tell you what I really like about the Jot Pro, I like the fact you can screw the cap at either end so you don’t loose it. These caps are not cheap to replace, the replacement cap is $6. It also serves as a purpose to protect the plastic disc if you’re not using the styli. All of Adonit’s stylus are built and feel very solid, so don’t let the plastic disc tip fool you. I like how the Jot Pro feels in your hand when write or draw with it. I feel like I’m using a very nice pen or drawing tool in my hand.

Adonit Jot Pro

OK lets talk about the plastic discs, the design and mix reviews this styli has been getting. I told you I’ve been going back and fourth with Miles and Jon with emails on the design of the discs themselves. I wanted to let people know that this is the fourth design of these plastic discs. What I like about Adonit is they are willing to email you back, listen to customers and take in ideas on a better design. In my opinion when a company goes out of their way to email me back and listen to what I have to say, it shows they actually care about their customers and product. I feel what they have to offer as a stylus is great, innovated and has potential to grow in design.

Paper Demo

So I did my test on Paper by 53 just like on The Verge review. Now the lines look very clean and not skipping, the trick is not having skippy lines is simple. “CLEAN YOUR IPAD SCREEN !!!” Yes, clean off your screen on your iPad if you plan on doing some serious drawings/paintings. It helps so the plastic discs don’t get caught under some grime, gunk, dust, smears, grease and dirty. Another thing I’ve read on reviews are how people complain about how the Adonit Jot leaves scratches on your screen and screen protectors. HELLO…again…clean your iPad screen !!! Last complaint was how a screen protector will not make great contact with the Jot Pro’s plastic discs. Do I have to repeat myself again and tell you to clean your iPad screen…again…!!! I have a 5 year old niece (Vida) that plays with my iPad. No matter how many times this girl washes her hands, Vida manages to get gunk, smears and other things I can’t even describe on my iPad screen. I do not even want to use my finger let alone a stylus on my iPad after that mess on the screen, so I clean my screen with a spray screen cleaner and a cloth. You can buy screen cleaning spray with a cloth anywhere and it’s cheap. Cheaper than replacing those plastic discs. It’s also important to put a screen protector on your iPad. I don’t care if you’re a neat freak or super careful. You don’t put one of those screen protectors on your iPad. It’s going to scratch and much more expensive to replace an iPad than a screen protector. If you want to know what brand screen protector I have it’s called Amour Suit Military Sheild, you can order it on Amazon. The shield is on my iPad and iPhone, easy to put on and ready to go in an hour.

Tayasui Sketches

OK, I’m really into this drawing/painting app called Tayasui Sketches. What I love about this app are the different varieties of drawing instruments, texture/colors of papers, it’s FREE and the in-app purchase is only $1.99 to unlock everything. I spent a fortune on Paper/53 on their in-app purchases with less features and options. I only did the fine lines from the pencil and pens.

Flames and Fleas

Sparkles Trees

Vida Leaves

These are some of the crazy abstract drawings I did with the Adonit Jot Pro and Tayasui Sketches. I’m not the greatest at drawing/painting but I like to draw things to make texture layer backgrounds for editing. It’s a lot easier for me to just draw scribbles than go out and take pictures of textures. The price of the Adonit Jot Pro is $29.99 for what it does as a styli is a far price. If you plan on buying the replacement discs order them from the site and not from Amazon. It’s cheaper and easier to order from the Adonit web site.

List of prices of the Adonit line stylus and extra parts, you can click on each the models and this will take you to their site.
Jot Classic $15.99
Jot Mini $21.99
Jot Pro $29.99
Jot Flip $34.99
Jot Touch 4 $89.99
Replacement Parts
Apps ready with Adonit Jot

These two videos are on how to replace the discs and other parts with the Jot. You can also check out other Adonit how to videos with apps and the Jot Touch 4 Bluetooth connection (“HERE”). All Jot Pro photos were taken with Pro Camera on this blog post. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment, contact Adonit or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group below, find me on Instagram @combo_apps and check out my page on the side menu to find and follow me at other sites on the web. Have a great evening and see you soon…!!!

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    Great article Tina! I’m loving my Jot Touch 4 🙂

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    My family English not any excellent, yet must express me just like what comes out of your mouth. Many thanks coming from myself.

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