Combo Apps/Photo Candy Overview

Photo Candy Demo 2

Today I’m doing a quick review with an app called Photo Candy. It’s free at the App Store with in-app purchases and iPhone only app. The app grabbed my attention in iPhone Art Studio Talk. I saw the developer posted a link and something about the app. I left them a message and decided to do a quick overview with Photo Candy.The top photo was taken with Pro Camera square format and edited with Photo Candy.

Camera Roll-5064

Let’s talk about this app a little bit before I show you the demo. Photocandy provides infinite opportunities to transform your photos into amazing works of art that can be shared and enjoyed with all your friends and family. Experience a brand new way to edit your photos. PhotoCandy allows you to easily crop, add filters, change colors, add pattern overlays, and mask out shapes to create unique one of the kind photos! With over 30 patterns & shapes built in the possibilities are endless. Push your creativity to the next level with Photo Candy! So in other words the app is like Tangent but not really. This app does save at low res 1280 x 1280. I feel that 2MP is considered low res these days because of iPhone 4S and 5 eight megapixels camera.

Camera Roll-5065
Camera Roll-5066

Photo Candy is a square format (1:1 ratio) only app. You can adjust your 4:3 photos into square photos, since the app saves at low res the square format doesn’t bother me so much. It’s a quick editing and ready to upload and show off on Instagram.

Camera Roll-5067
Camera Roll-5068

Instructions and diagrams on how to operate the app…

Camera Roll-5069

When you see the shapes grayed out it means you have to purchase to open up the rest of the patterns.

Camera Roll-5070
Camera Roll-5071

After you find the shape you like and color, you can change the color of the shape with in the photo. I found Invert and Zombie. You can also add more layers of shape patters if you want for more crazy styles and looks.

Camera Roll-5072

You save and share options…but lets tap on the Remove Ads button.

Camera Roll-5076

Another in-app purchase, now the ads don’t bother me because they show up after you save the video. You can tap on the X button to get rid of the app and go onto the next project.

Photo Candy Demo 1

The last edit is of my niece Vida using LemeCam Pro, Percolator and Photo Candy. If you have any questions this app please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Photo Candy Overview

  1. dnaimagery says:

    Thanks for the review. v1.1 is coming out in about 5-7 days and will have double the resolution! In v1.2 we are planning to have standard 4:3 cropping in addition to 1:1 cropping plus a ton of additional features. Stay tuned this is only the beginning!

  2. dnaimagery says:

    Thanks for the review. In v1.1 which will be coming out in 5-7 days we will have double the resolution! Then in v1.2 we will add in 4:3 cropping in addition to the 1:1 cropping plus a ton of additional features. Stay tuned this is just the beginning!

  3. adam says:

    Check out version 2.0 and Photo Candy Pro! So many new features

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