Combo Apps/Jonathan’s Birthday Party Mobile Style

Jonathan's Birthday Party -30

My friend Jonathan Austin is another year older and wiser. Jonathan always has his birthday party at his house with close friends and family. I’ve been friends with Jonathan for a long time. We met each other at Grossmont Collage in the photo lab, at the time I was watching him develop photos of lit match sticks. He was two photo classes ahead of me and using a large format camera (4×5) at the time. We would smile a lot to each other but didn’t really talked to each other until he became a lab tech. Make a wish Jonathan !!!

Jonathan's Birthday Party -0
Jonathan's Birthday Party -1

Jonathan’s house is always a treat to visit, great place to hang out and relax. His house is like a gallery show with art hanging all over the house, sculptures, little ornate displays of random things, an old door with a large piece of glass placed on top and made into a coffee table. He used to have the table under a bunch books and magazine, which I thought was very creative and cool. He changed out the bottom of the coffee table and made a custom wheel like cart so he can maneuver the table much easier to clean and vacuum.

Jonathan's Birthday LemeLeme-3
Jonathan's Birthday LemeLeme-2

Some of the ornate random things he has on display at his house…as you can see there are some teeth and doll eyes with lashes. These photos were taken with Leme Cam Pro camera app, I used the tilt-shift lens, Fallen Angel Film and transparent (no fame). What I love about LemeCam Pro are the high res export saves and shooting with the tilt-shift lens. You don’t need to edit the photo after the photo process because they just come out very artsy without any real effort. You can also pick up LemeLeme camera app for Android too.

Jonathan's Birthday LemeLeme-7

A very cool perspective and shot of the birthday cake with LemeCam Pro app…

Jonathan's Birthday Party -20

Another cool display Jonathan is the Soil Blind Project in his front yard, you see the sculpture when you walk up to his front door. Yon can read more about the project “HERE”, part of Urban Succession in San Diego.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -16

Another cool display is this old rusty bike he has propped up in the garden…I had to take a photo of it. I also have a LemeCam Pro versions of this rusty bike photo.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -11
Jonathan's Birthday Party -8

The other part of Jonathan’s amazing house is his huge vast garden with trails to walk along. It a really nice place to walk around, take photos and/or just relax. I always like to walk around his garden and look at what’s changed or what he’s added to his garden.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -31

My mentor and photo teacher Suda House. I’ve mentioned her in some of my blog post in the past, well I wanted to share some things about Suda because she means a lot to me. Suda is talking to my friend Jimm, who happens to be one of her past students.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -24

Suda is talking to Jonathan about her yard projects because Jonathan is a landscape architecture and helped her design her yard. If you noticed Suda is holding up her iPhone to show pictures to everyone. Suda is a well known photographer as well as a teacher and knows a lot of about alternative processing. Which she teaches and asked me to sign up for her class since I can retake it again. We talked about the Mobile Arts Movement, showed her my work and offered me to take the class to print out my mobile art work. She’s curious about how well print out on various types of papers. I’m thinking about signing up and taking the class because I love to learn about other alternatives to processing photos. Suda knows I love to experiment with processing and printing. We went on about talking about other processing, her happy accident photo taken with her iPhone, Fuji x100 camera and my future. Suda told me she’s happy I don’t work at Target anymore because of my potential to grow as a photographer and artist. It was really nice to talk and site with Suda for awhile.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -17

Happy party people sitting, eating and chatting. The birthday party was a lot of fun and always a success. It’s one of those things I look forward to going and taking photos. Most of the photos were taken with Pro Camera using the square format and edited Snapseed on my iPad. Other photos were taken with the LemeCam Pro app. You can check out the rest of the photos by clicking below. This will take you to my Flickr Page. Have a great day and see you soon.

Jonathan's Birthday Party -29Jonathan's Birthday Party -31Jonathan's Birthday Party -30Jonathan's Birthday Party -28Jonathan's Birthday Party -27Jonathan's Birthday Party -26
Jonathan's Birthday Party -25Jonathan's Birthday Party -24Jonathan's Birthday Party -23Jonathan's Birthday Party -22Jonathan's Birthday Party -21Jonathan's Birthday Party -20
Jonathan's Birthday Party -19Jonathan's Birthday Party -18Jonathan's Birthday Party -17Jonathan's Birthday Party -16Jonathan's Birthday Party -15Jonathan's Birthday Party -14
Jonathan's Birthday Party -13Jonathan's Birthday Party -12Jonathan's Birthday Party -11Jonathan's Birthday Party -10Jonathan's Birthday Party -9Jonathan's Birthday Party -8



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8 Responses to Combo Apps/Jonathan’s Birthday Party Mobile Style

  1. Tammy says:

    You definitely were able to capture the beauty of Jonathan’s house. Great seeing you again, and congratulations on your liberation!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It was great to see you again !!! You missed out on the 5 finger game with the guys…I miss Kurt not being there. I love it when him and Jimm would make fun of each other.

  2. rjllane says:

    Great story. What a fantastic house and garden. You did a wonderful job of photographing it and the birthday event. It sounds like it was a terrific reunion of your photography class friends and teachers, and you should definitely signup for the class and experiment with printing. Printing is where iPhoneography meets the consumer, and anyone with “professional” aspirations, such as yourself, needs to make a mark. Good luck with it!

    … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Richard every time I got to Jonathan’s house and have a camera I always take photos there. He just lets me go quietly and take photos around his place. Watch this video on You Tube, I took all these macro shots at his house and made a slideshow at school.

      • rjllane says:

        Sensational shots and video – iPhone plus Olloclip lens or some other combination?

        Jonathan sounds like the friend we all need to have – the one that just lets you be yourself. No commitments, no expectations to live up to.

        … MomentsForZen

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Those picture were taken with an Olympus E510 DSLR and Sigma 105mm macro lens. I don’t have that camera or lens anymore because I thought I would be in London.

        Jonathan worries about me and likes to parental guide me through my life. This time I was there he seem to be ok with what I’m doing with myself. I know he means well and wants to use my potential as a photographer/artist.

  3. evan says:

    Subsequently, after spending several hours on the internet finally We’ve revealed an individual in which definitely does know what these are discussing many thanks a great deal amazing post

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