Combo Apps Brand New Look and Icon

Camera Roll-4818

I remember the time in my life where I messed up art school. I wasn’t really happy with myself and felt worthless. It still a sore spot and stays with me. Now I quit my job hoping to go to London to fix a long drawn out problem that’s been going on for a very longtime with a group of girls. Instead I’m stuck in San Diego and wondering what to do with myself and the uncertain future. I look at it this way I wasn’t happy with my crappy retail job. The job was slowly killing me inside, so the pursuit of happiness begins with new struggles and experiences. Along with mobile editing, figuring out myself and new types of adventures that are in store for me. Since I’m going to be in San Diego for a little while longer, I might as well make the header of the city I was born and raised in for good part of my life.

Painting and Sketchng

The blogging has been taking off in a totally different direction I would of never expected and drawing people from a gallery in Astoria, Oregon. LightBox Photographic contacted me and asked me to help bring in submissions for their galley. Which looks like a great place to show off your mobile art work. Becoming an affiliate for Ink361 was a huge deal and something I really needed to let me know if Combo Apps has a future. I took Marty’s and Chris’ advice and applied to Link Share to be come an Apple and other affiliates. I’m also testing a new type of photo sharing social network that looks really promising called, Moxie. This will be a new frontier of sharing photo editing skills. Then I written to 5 stylus companies to see if the would give me one to test out and write about. I’ve been into drawing and paint apps lately. My finger seems to be not great in the painting and drawing department. I’ve hear back from 2 companies. One company got back with me right away. The second company I had to be persistent because I wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer. The woman who emailed me seem to love my persistence, so lets hope it’s paid off for me. The painting and sketching is from an app called Tayasui Sketches. It’s an iPad only app, FREE at the App Store and has in-app purchase to unlock pro version for $1.99.

Now the big plan is trying to get my art work on Album Covers. It seems to be something where I’m not sure how to go about getting this done. I remember when I was taking photo classes and someone had this book of unusual art jobs and careers. One of the jobs was being an Album Cover Artists, I thought to myself how this would be an interesting job to acquire. 15 years later I’ve decided to pursue in the process of trying to get my art work on album covers. First thing I need to do is write a kick ass cover letter of some kind and attach my art work and other websites. I’ll probably use my page since all my web links are connected and easy to click on links.

Camera Roll-4821

Now the last part is redesigning my blog page and new icon. The story behind why the big change, it started with some tweets from an Arab Girl who does tech blogging. The girl told me she likes my blog posts, that it’s something that no one is really write about and personal struggles. She wanted to ask me something about my blog and help me with something. Basically she told me my blog site is too dark and little hard to read and told me some colours I should be using to brighten up the place. I went with the colour blue since blue is my favourite colour. Then the girl wanted to show me something and showed me a new icon. She was worried that I wouldn’t like it and just felt she had to do this. I just told her to email me the icons and asked her to make me some gif versions of the icons too. The girl told me that I don’t have to feature her or do anything in return. I wasn’t expecting her to help me like this and make a new Combo Apps icon. All I wanted to say is thanks for listening to me, helping me change things for the better and making my new icon. I’m not going to say her name because she’s a private person and respect her wishes somewhat…thanks for helping me.

red skyThree white horsesBike PathRide the towerIs it art?
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polarize mewide awakedoppio macchiatoTall grass365/209Checking the rod
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5 Responses to Combo Apps Brand New Look and Icon

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello ASHCROFT54 (Tina).

    I love the new look. As always, I’m impressed by your ability to hang in there, then to reach out in so many ways. Your writings must be very soothing and rewarding – I know that I feel better about a lot of things if I just write them down.

    You have so many new ventures – I look forward to reading how this develops. And please pass on my admiration for the new logo and the courage of the author to voice an opinion, then do something about the situation.

    … MomentsForZen

  2. Sandra says:

    Hi Tina how can I follow your new combo apps? Sandra.

    Enviado via iPhone

  3. Thank you for this article. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, you’ve covered so many bases.Thanks!

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