Combo Apps/PowerCam 3.0

Neon Demo

PowerCam recently just had a huge update, with new features, high res output and better way of making and sharing collages. Ive blogged about this app before but Wondershare asked me to do another write up for them. So I reinstalled PowerCam onto my iPhone and played with the app, taking photos with the real-time effects, check out the res output and had fun taking pictures with this app again. The really did some huge improvements from the ground up. PowerCam runs pretty stable and haven’t had do any crashes (knock on wood). I’m really impressed with all the hard work they put to improve real-time capture. What even better is this isn’t an iOS only camera app. PowerCam is universal to all Droid Mobile Photographers, so this is great news. There is also an iPad HD and Droid Tablet version of PowerCam too. The top photo was taken with PowerCam. No editing or combos with this app, but you know me I will find a way in using it as a combo for my crazy editing style. I wanted to add that PowerCam with this huge update will give other camera apps out there a run for it’s money. The app is on sale at the App Store for $.99, so better get it before the price goes up.

Season Demo

Camera Roll-4663

Lets talk about PowerCam, now here are you options for using this all in one real-time capture app. Here are your options, Capture, Collage, Edit and Gallery. You can tap on which one you want to use or…

Camera Roll-4662

Start with the Capture feature as the default after the app has been loaded up, if you tap on the HOUSE button on the top left corner. This will take you back to the Wondershare home screen…

Camera Roll-4663

Camera Roll-4664

Lats go back to the main Wondershare page and tap on the sprocket gear at the bottom left hand corner and get to the settings page. Make sure you check and change your settings before you start shooting. I forgot to do that so I got the date imprint and low res out on my photo. Sometimes I get so excited about an app I forget to check and do the settings on camera apps.

Camera Roll-4665

Now if you tapped on the magic wand button on the bottom right hand corner, your real-time capture effect will slide out. Magic Wizards Hat is the main real-time effects. You have three different option folders.

Camera Roll-4665

Rubber Duckie button is your second folder of effects. I haven’t even used or touched these effects yet. As you can see you have endless possibilities of playing with different shooting effects and editing processing styles.

Camera Roll-4667

The third button which is a heart is your favorites effects. This is a great way to keep your favorites effect in a fast easy way to find them. Instead of endless scrolling between the two other folders of effects.

Camera Roll-4668

There’s a button on the top right hand corner. That looks like three dots across. When you tap on it, you will these 3 options for camera. Right now these features are turned off.

Camera Roll-4669

But when you turn them on, this is what your screen will look for the camera. Some people like to use manual controls on the camera. This is great when you need that extra control in taking your photos. I always like the grid on the screen when taking photos. It helps me with straightening and composing my photos before I shoot. I know for some people this is too much stuff on the screen. You have the options of turning them off.

Camera Roll-4670

Right above the camera button is an arrow button. When you tap on the arrow you have all these other real-time edit effects. These are the standard features and effects on most camera apps and point and shoot cameras. These are great if you just want to take regular to minimal real-time effects photo. Then you want to post them on Facebook, Instagram and/or email them to friends and family.

Camera Roll-4671

This is my gallery of photos. I wanted to show you a cool feature with this app with the Folder WiFi button on the top right.

Camera Roll-4672
Camera Roll-4672

You can sync this app to your desktop/laptop and move your photo from your gallery to your desktop/laptop.

Camera Roll-4673

Select the photos you want in your gallery…

Camera Roll-4674

You can put a border on them or…

Camera Roll-4675

Change the background and/or make a collage with other photos in your gallery.

Camera Roll-4676

After you’re done you can share your creation with the world or these social sites and email. But if you’re me, you just want to save them on your camera roll for editing later or post them somewhere else instead.

PowerCam Collage Background Demo

This is my background with one of my photos from my gallery.

Rusted Metal Demo

Whirl Demo

X-Ray Demo

Thermal Demo

These are other real-time effects you can shoot with PowerCam. You can pick up PowerCam at the App Store and Google Play for smartphone and tablet versions. Just click on one of these versions, PowerCam for iPhone, PowerCam HD for iPad, PowerCam for Android and Power Cam for Android Tablet. If you have any questions just leave a comment or email me You can follow me on Instagram @combo_apps and check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

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