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Tangent from Tangent on Vimeo.


Transform digital photos into one-of-a-kind works of art with Tangent

–Highly innovative new photo app allows users to reimagine their images–

San Diego, CAJuly 11, 2013–The photo app development team at Pixite LLC, in partnership with award-winning creative technologist Ben Guerrette, is excited to announce the release of Tangent for iPhone. Tangent is an innovative new photo app that gives anyone the ability to easily transform their photos into one of a kind works of art, a skill set once reserved for graphic artists.


Designed with a simple-to-navigate interface, Tangent allows users to transform their images into totally unique art forms using a creative toolbox of frames, patterns, fills and vectors, as well as the ability to apply and selectively blend colors with ease. Inspired by the shapes of the world around us, the geometric forms are completely scalable, empowering the artist to drag, zoom and rotate at will using simple finger swipes and pinches.


Fully integrated with popular social media channels, Tangent’s users can either opt to share their creations seamlessly with just a tap or “Retangent, ”a feature that allows the user to save their creation and continue adding more layers to their design. This unique feature alone means that the creative possibilities for Tangent are truly limitless.


“The goal in creating Tangent was to provide an intuitive platform for people to create inspiring images through mobile artistry,”says Tangent’s creator and lead developer Ben Guerrette. “There’s an inherent beauty in the simplicity of the interface, which gives users of every level the capability to creatively approach and reimagine photos with endless possibilities. My excitement, both as an artist and a developer, is seeing the astonishing work conceived using Tangent as a tool for creative expression.”


Some of Tangent’s creative tools include:

– 15 easy to use, fully customizable templates, or “styles”, which professionally combine shapes, fills, and blends for an amazing look
– 39 versatile shapes (11 out of the box)
– 43 background fills (11 out of the box)
– 350 stunning combinations of blends and colors

Unlimited combinations of shapes, fills, and blends that will completely transform any photo into a work of art Tangent iPhone app officially launches to the public on July 11th, and will be available on the App Store.

Device Requirements:
*iPhone with iOS 6.1 or later

Pricing and Availability: Tangent is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo and Video category.


About Pixite:

Pixite LLC, located in San Diego, California, was founded by Eugene Kaneko and Scott Sykora in 2009. Pixite creates the highest quality photo viewing apps for iOS devices like Web Albums app, the most popular and highest rated paid Picasa app on the App Store. Most recently Pixite produced Tangent, a revolutionary new app that empowers users to recreate photos into stunning geometric works of art.

About Ben Guerrette:

Ben Guerrette is a creative artist and technologist who produces art generating software applications. With fifteen years in the interactive space, Ben has created award-winning, multimedia experiences for internationally recognized brands. His work gives users the ability to create both temporary and permanent art using touch and motion gesture human interfaces. Ben is the creator and developer of Deco Sketch, used by award winning artists internationally. His latest app, Tangent, which give people the ability to transform their digital images into one-of-a-kind works of art, will be available July 2013.

Tangent App Demo 3

Now that you’ve read the press release of Tangent, you can pick it at the App Store on July 11th 2013. Make sure to hash tag your photo #tangentapp on Instagram. I’ve tested the app and so far I really love it because of the shapes and forms. This is a very unique app that brings out creativity in your editing skills. The screenshots are actual shots from Tangent provided by Ben Guerrette. The photo up above was edited with Tangent with layers and blending with DXP. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me I hope you will get this app, take me on Insatgram @combo_apps and use the hash tag #tangentapp. Have a great day and see you soon !!!!

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  1. Nadia says:

    Not available in u.s. App Store yet.

  2. Sweet!!! I’ve been waiting for this app.

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