Combo Apps/Moxie Beta Update

Fair Time

Today I wanted to talk about Moxie, beta testing update and things to come. I did a blog post titled, Meet Moxie a few weeks ago introducing you to a new form of photo editing/social network and asking for beta testers out there. This time I wanted to let you know what’s been going on with the updates with Moxie. The app started out with low res at 612 x 612, well now it’s been almost doubled with 1200 x 1200. This photo up above was the first higher res test with Moxie.

White Birds

When Moxie did the res update they took out a lot of the textures, geometric shapes and other layers. So I wanted to another edit with Moxie but the choices for adding layers was not much to choose from, that’s why I added the “White Birds” of the photo. You could still layer and blend your own photos. I got the birds from a group called The Warehouse on Line (Japanese Social Messenger App). This group was about posting textures for trade, sharing or just giving it away to others who were in the group. Moxie is planning this type of sharing/trading in the future. Right now they just want to add features, editing options in slowly and up the res…

Trolley Mist

This was the first photo I edited after the huge beta update with adding 120 different layers to the mix with the 1200 x 1200 res. I got excited and played around with the different layers and blends.

Sound Of Wood Crackling

Here’s another edit I did by adding in the white birds and the new wood texture that was added in the update. This photo is called “Sound Of Wood Crackling.”

Storm Driven

Same with this photo playing with the new layers and they added in clouds to the mix.

California Dreaming

I also wanted to do a test and see if Hueless photos could be uploaded and edited with Moxie. This photo was taken with Hueless and edited with Moxie. What I’m hoping next is they will add exposure, contrast and other lighting control edits in the near future. In my option this photo looks a little dark to me and wanted to brighten it up just a bit.

Fused In Erosion

The last photo was taken with Hipstamatic and edited with Moxie using the Metal & Rust textures. I was just playing around and saw how well the rusted eroded texture was working well with this photo. I see a bright future with Moxie because of it’s unique and creative idea of photo editing sharing. This will be a great place to share mobile editing technique and creativity. They still have weeks before they will launch the app to the public so I wanted to share with you about what’s going on with Moixe. I know a lot of my Instagram and EyeEm friends signed up to be beta testers. I’ve seen a lot of impressive, creative and amazing editing styles with this app. Some are just simply well done and other are just out there. This will be a great and accessible place to share artistic work.

You can also follow Moxie on the following pages to keep to date of what’s going on and things to come in the following weeks. Just click on these links: Tumblr Twitter and Facebook. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or just email me Have a great day and see you soon…

Bay view 2Bay view 1SÉRIE - ALCATEJO - ALCOCHETE - PORTUGALFenced landscape365/190Dawn No.1
Ferdinando di Savoia-Genova08.07.2013colla geShe usually finished her workout with 20 balloon reps.  #doctorjazzFollow the leader 2#doctorjazzSecond thoughts. #doctorjazz
Rush orders. #doctorjazzFranklin all aswirl. #doctorjazzBright day. #doctorjazzStreet scene at nightLong and winding road to AsiaSome flower
Flatiron #79No apparent reasonLittle white puffSquare Photos_8298054605_oThe Body Snatchers 2155#2013/365.....:). IPHONE

Moxie iPhone Pic

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