Combo Apps/Del Mar Fair

Del Mar Fairgrounds

Last week I went to the Del Mar Fair with my friend Alisha and we had lots of fun. Sadly the fair ended yesterday on the 4th of July. The fair usually runs about 4 weeks from the beginning of June until early July. The last time I went to the fair was probably 10 years ago, so I was kind of excited about going this year. A friend of mine of worked at the Photo Exhibition offered me free tickets. I did take some photos with my DSLR but I wasn’t crazy about any of the photos. So instead I’ll show you some of the photos I took with my iPhone and edited them with my iPhone/iPad. This photo was taken with Pro Camera and edited all on my iPhone 4S with the following apps, Pic FX and Alien Sky. I did a very simple edits with this photos because it was a great photo to begin with. I know there are some people still wondering if I over app my photos because I can’t take photos properly. Well here’s proof I can take pictures and do very minimal editing. This was the last photo I took at the fair before the sun went down and the lights turned on.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel, this isn’t my normal editing style because most my editing are always full of color, bight and super saturated. There’s only a little bit of color from using layers from Flow Paper. Then I’ll layer the Flow Paper drawings with Photo Forge 2 and use Difference, but before that I used Glaze on the Flow Paper edits. The grunge texture is from Snapseed. I know, you’re all probably wondering why I used Snapseed. Well I like to use the app on my iPad instead of my iPhone because the app was made to be used on a Tablet rather than smart phone. You have more control with Snapseed on how you can edit your photos. Don’t get me wrong if you want to use the app on your smart phone go for it. It’s just hard to see the subtle differences on the textures, contrast and exposure control. That’s why I like using Snapseed on my iPad. I wanted to add that sometimes you have to be a little on the dark so you can shine through.


Skyflyer, this image is more on the whimsical side and free flowing. I wanted to let you on a secret about Alien Sky, Lens Light and Lens Flare apps. Normally you use the app for the light flares, stars and planet effects but there is more to the app than just placing those 3 things. Another way you can use the app for are the filters, it’s a great way to change the moods of your photos. I will sometimes just use Alien Sky just only with the filters alone. If you have the other two apps they have those same filters too. It starts with No Filter and ends with Gothic. That’s why I always say it’s important to push your app in other directions and not always for the obvious editing. If you have the iPad version of these app you can also use the a Gamma slider, so you can push the tone map and bring out shadow details and still keep the highlight details.


Skyrider, lets talk about this image and something new added to Repix. Repix just had an awesome update with their app, where the added live free flowing editing. They added 4 new live brushes to the mix, which I really love to play with and fallen in love with Repix all over again. They also unlocked everything (in-app purchases) at 55% off. Now It’s just a one time price and if you already bought the IAP then it unlocked the other IAPs as well. They also added frames to the app. I used the Dandelion Brush with this image. How I did was I had to enlarge it to start small and zoom out as the dandelions for bigger. I had to do this edit a few times to get that certain look to my editing. Yes the image is a little dark but I like it this way. I’m going through a little dark period in my life, hopefully things will look up again for me.

Del Mar Fair

The last image of Del Mar Fair was taken with Pro Camera and I zoomed in a little. The running joke is I did edit this photo in the bathroom. I wanted to do something to edit and post quickly without any disturbances, so that’s why I did it the bathroom. I text the photo to my friend Alisha and told her to shot her sister, Shay. Then tell Shay where I edit the photo from so they both can have a good laugh. This photo did turn out great for being such a quick edit with Snapseed, Pic Boost and Repix to name a few apps. I hope you enjoy the photos of the fair. If you have any questions just make a comment on this blog post or you can email You can also find me on Insatgram @combo_apps. I’m also an affiliate with Ink361, so check them out too. Have fun and see you soon !!!

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  1. Great post 🙂 and pictures.

  2. Jesse says:

    Awesome, truly great!

  3. rjllane says:

    Absolutely super collection – I love the colors and tones in the photos. What a wonderful time this must have been – so much movement around you, and so many fantastic subjects. Thanks for sharing with us.

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