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Today I wanted to talk about Ink361. I’ve become one of their affiliates for this website. Now I’m sure you’re wondering what is Ink361 ? What are they about ? How does it work for me ? Well I’m going to write about this site in full details, explain the difference between Ink361, Webstagram and Statigram. Ink361 is a third party desktop viewing of Instagram, just like Statigram and Webstagram but they offer other alternatives than the other 2 sites, like map viewing, products and sell your prints. You can read about Ink361 from their blog posts right HERE for more information. Their blog post is very informative with news, tutorials and reviews on mobile products. Ink361 used to be called Inkstagram, which I like the new name a lot better than the old name. You can read more about the name change from this blog post by Jon Michell from Read Write, called After Changing Its Name At Instagram’s Request, Ink361 Launches Map View or click on what I just typed out.

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These are screen shots taken from my iPad on Safari to give you the run down of Ink361, what Ink361 has to offer and the advantages of desktop viewing from their site.

Camera Roll-1725
Camera Roll-1727

These are two different viewing options of your feed. the people who you follow on Instagram. If you look at the top left hand corner you will see a slider to show how you want to view your feed. You can do one to many depending on where you’re viewing Ink361 Tablet, Laptop to Desktop and the screen size.

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Ink361 Explore page is a lot better to look at than Insatragm’s. You will actually see really nice photos that Ink361 has picked out. Which is really nice because I miss the looking at quality photos and edited photos. It’s really nice to look at great mobile photos. You could say this is one of the great advantages of this site.

Camera Roll-1726

My feed @combo_apps on Ink361.

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Now let me show you someone else feed @raven_nevermore. Lenore Cassara is a good friend. She has followed me since the start of Combo Apps and follows me on my regular feed @ashcroft54 on Instagram. I wanted to show her off a little how the photo looks when you click on that one to make comments. Lenore has a very beautiful feed so please check her out on Insatgram.

Camera Roll-1729

OK, selling your own photos is possible on Ink361. All you have to do is sign up and wait for an email to confirm. It’s still in beta mode. There are other products you can buy to put your photos on. They are having a huge sale, ONE DAY SALE on the 4th of July iPhone cases. Normally these cases are $35 but on sale for day for $19 from Case-Mate iPhone cases, click HERE (input code 4THPHONE for the sale) if you’re interested. This sale starts on the 4th and ends on the 4th and for iPhone only. There will be starting offers for other mobile smart phones soon. (*Not valid with any other offer*)

I will be offering other offers from Ink361 in the near future, now all you have to is sign up with them. If you have any questions please leave comments or email Have a Happy 4th of July and see you soon !!!

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