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Camera Roll-1508

Paint FX tweeted me and asked me to see what I could do with their app. So I tweeted them back and said let me try and write a blog post too. I edited 5 photos using Paint FX App. All I can say not only am I super impressed with their app but this app will not make me miss Photo Forge 2 so much. I found my replacement for Photo Forge 2 all because I played with the hues, blending and layers and masking. This app is made for the iPad for masking and blending and layers. If you have an iPad get this app but if you only have an iPhone make sure when you mask with this app you have all your app turned off in the back ground. Paint FX takes a lot of processing, power and time, so make sure you have lots of battery and ram to use this app or it will crash on you. This is why I recommend you do your editing on the iPad rather than the iPhone. There is also a section where you go on the web for more textures backgrounds, again that’s more processing on your iDevice. The photo up above was taken with Pro Camera editing with Filterstorm (to blur out the background except for the man), Decim8 and Paint FX.

Now normally I would be showing you screen shots on how to use the app but I felt video was way better so I embed You Tube tutorials below to show you how the app operates and works. This app is very intense and made for the Mobileographer Extreme Editor in mind.

After you’ve watched the videos I’ll show you down below of how I used Paint FX with my iPad. I’ll tell you all the apps I’ve used besides Paint FX and go into details (without screen shots) of how I edited each photo.

Paint FX Demo 1

This photo was was taken with Pro Camera of a guy listening to his iPhone on the trolley. First I blurred everything out except for the guy with Filterstrom. Second I smoothed and sharpened the blurred out photo with PS Express. Third I used Paint FX and used the follow edits, cracked background, colored sketch to make him look chalkie and last added in water drops around him. Presto you have one chalkie looking boy with a surreal background.

Paint FX Demo 3

The next photo was taken with MPro camera in 1:1 ratio (square format). First blurred out the background with Filterstorm. Second I made a few different version Decim8 of the blurred out photo. Third I load up the blurred out photo and use the Web Textures for the background. Now if you’re going to use the web based textures and background, you have to be on WiFi or on a data plan to use the web part of the app. I’m hoping they will change that and just let you download the backrgrounds instead of suing the internet while you paint the background and textures in. This will take up a lot of time, battery and data if you have to use the web a lot for this app. That’s my only real complaint with Paint FX, other than that I think this app is great. Last I blended in some of the Decim8 photos using the Blend Tool, which is AWESOME !!! Not only do they have difference and exclusion but they have 2 other blends I feel in love with, Phoenix and Negation !!! I also love the fact I can use Red/Cyan (Techinicolor on Pop Cam) for hues too !!! This is why Paint FX will be my replacement for Photo Forge 2.

Paint FX Demo 4

OK, this photo was taken Pro Camera with square format (1:1) which I learn from their blog post. You know the drill blurred out the background with Filterstorm. Then I made a few separate Decim8 edits if the photo. Then loaded up the blurred out photo onto Paint FX, used the Web Grunge Textures for the background. After that used Blend to blend in the Decim8 photos on top of the grunge textured photo. Then I ended up with this photo edit…I wanted the background to look a little metallic.

Paint FX Demo 5

The last photo was a lot of fun and played with it the most for details. The photo was taken with Hipstamatic, blurred out with Filterstorm and used Dynamic Light to bring out the details. I made a few Decim8 for layers and blends later. Then load the blurred onto Paint FX and used the Web Textures for the blurred out background. I move onto the Blend mode and layered in the Decim8 photos on top of the texture edit. After I did that I desaturated and used vibrant to tone down the Wood Textured background because it was overwhelming texture and took away from the photo. This is probably my favorite out of all the Paint FX edit…

Now if you have an questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me You can also check out Paint FX at the App Store. Paint FX is a universal app for the iPhone/iPad. I recommend if you’re going to mask with this app use your iPad. It’s a lot easier to work with and on your eyes. Have fun and see your soon…

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  1. Chris says:

    I love the first edit of the guy listening to his iPod. Looks really cool!!

  2. this is just awesome, love what you did with the guy listening to iPhone ❤

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  4. arianna says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!

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