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Camera Roll-4494

Hey everyone, I want you all to meet MOXIE !!! Soon to be a new type of social networking and photo editing sharing app. At the moment they are looking for Beta Testers for iOS iPhone only testers. Moxie has given me permission to post that they need beta testers for feed back. It’s still bare bones at the moment. Whatever iPhone you have they don’t care just sign up and test it out. I will not be posting screen shots of the app because I know that will change over time during the beta testing process.

Geo Box

Geo Box is the second photo I posted on Moxie and it has been featured and tweeted. As you can see you can use textures and geometry patterns, it all about layers and blending with this app.

Geo Box Passengers

You can make your own editing formulas while you play for now I just like playing with the textures, light leaks, bokeh and patterns.

Branch and Leaves

What I like about this app is that you can share your creativity, make lots of abstracts with your photos.

Colour Shadow Play

You can post your photos up on Instagram after you save your artistic creations, for now the photos only save at 640 x 640. I’m hoping over time that will change because I really enjoy playing with this app. So if you want to become a beta tester for Moxie this is what you have to do, first register your iPhone through “TEST FLIGHT”. you will have a Test Flight app on your iPhone after you’ve registered your iPhone. Second click on “MOXIENOW.CO” and scroll down and put in your email address so you can apply to be a tester for them. If you’ve been approve as a beta tester you will get 2 emails from Moxie. One is to confirm to be a beta tester for them. Two is the build email that you have to install the app on your iPhone.

Now it’s really important that you give Moxie your honest feed back so the can improve the app. Then they can email you more builds to try and download. Please give them constructive feed back nothing negative (like this app sucks and crashes). Make sure to tell them what iPhone you have, the issues you’re having at the moment and what ever ideas that can improve the app. They need people like you to tell them to build a better app. Your ideas and feed back will help them build a better app, so if you have any questions you can leave comments on this blog post, email me and/or contact Moxie on twitter @MoxieApp. Have a great day and hope to see you on Moxie !!!

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