Downtown SD-45

Lately I’ve been taking photos with my Canon DSLR again, my friend told me to start using my bigger camera again so I can figure out what to do with myself. So far it’s been helping me figure things out with what to do with myself but there is still something missing. I do feel lost during this period in my life. You could say it’s one of those big turning points of what direction I should go now. Do I go back to my old job ? Do I look for another job like the one I had ? Do I actually do something with my photo skills ? I know if I get a job working in retail. It will kill me inside again, so my friend (Alisha) told me to start taking pictures with my DSLR and edit them. So here I sit at a Starbucks, edit photos, testing out apps, trying to come with new techniques in mobile edit to write about and hope that the universe will show me how (a path). It’s been a long dark path for a long time, doing what everyone wants and not doing things for myself that makes me happy…

Downtown SD-52

So I’ll show you what makes me always feel better inside, taking pictures and doing HDR editing my way. These are all one exposure HDR post processing with well exposed photos. The you can make one dark photo and one light photo. The process all those photos together and make a really nice HDR photo. I’ve also written about mobile HDR editing but I felt that I should talk about doing this type of processing instead. A friend who I used to hang out with, showed me how she did this type of editing. I had an idea of how it worked in my head but wasn’t sure if the outcome would be the same. It also helps to have a really good HDR program on your desktop/laptop. It’s important to find the HDR program that fits to your standards. MIne happens to be Photomatix.


I will say this if you want to this type post process. It’s important to get really good software programs, like Photomatix and/or Dynamic Photo-HDR. There’s also another thing I want to point out before you go off and think software will save your photos. It’s important that you take very well exposed and composed photos. There are a lot of miss conceptions about Photoshop and other programs that say your photos will look amazing. If you can’t take photos properly, then you might as well not even do it.

Hiltion 1

Recently I got an email from someone who found me on the internet, she asked me if I knew anyone who could teach her how to be really good at editing photos and do it so she can take shortcuts. Are there any workshops that could make her a master mobile editing ? The answer is “NO” !!! I was really offended and appalled with that email because it showed me her lack of knowledge of any kind of art medium. You don’t have to take photos and art classes to be an artist. What they are good for is teaching you the basic fundamentals. Which is really great because I always go back to basics if I get lost or have a block. Some people don’t need to take photo and art classes because they can figure it out their own. That’s the only real exception to the rule is figuring it out and keep at it. Some people were just born to just do it and not go to school.

Downtown SD-2

Here’s the lesson I going to post on today’s blog post, if you want to be an artist of any kind. Draw, paint, take/edit pictures, shoot/edit videos, do mix media, sculpt and/or anything else I’ve missed…you have to keep doing it. If you don’t keep at it, then you never wanted to be an artist of any kind in the first place. There are no quick ways of doing anything in art or in life. Do this because you love it and the rest will will follow. Don’t expect to be famous or rich, art is always a struggle. Everyone is different and we would all get bore if we all did or look the same. The only thing I can do for you is tell you what I know. Then it’s really up to you to the rest…so go out and make something !!!!


You can check the rest of the HDR photo set down below on my Flickr account, just click the pictures below.

Downtown SD-45Downtown SD-58Downtown SD-57Downtown SD-56Downtown SD-55Downtown SD-54
Downtown SD-53Downtown SD-52Downtown SD-51Downtown SD-50Downtown SD-49Downtown SD-48
Downtown SD-47Downtown SD-46Downtown SD-44Downtown SD-43Downtown SD-42Downtown SD-41
Downtown SD-40Downtown SD-39Downtown SD-38Downtown SD-37Downtown SD-36Downtown SD-35

Downtown 2013 DSLR, a set on Flickr.


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