Combo Apps/Homage to Photo Forge 2

Blown Glass

Today I wanted to talk about the uncertain future of Photo Forge 2. We all know Ghostbird for bought by Yahoo and the Photo Forge 2 and KitCam were already taken out of the App Store. From the rumors of iOS 7 coming out, these two apps might not work with the iOS update. There was a huge discussion about these two apps and the future of what to do about the situation. Most of us have agreed that we will not update our iPads if these apps are lost but we will with our iPhones. I’m sad because I’m one of those avid user of Photo Forge 2 for layers and blending editing. It’s my go to for detailed layers and blending editing, textures and films/colours changes. I wanted to write a blog post and a homage to Photo Forge 2. The top photo was layered and blending with Photo Forge 2. I also used layers of Flow Paper and a blurred out are with Filterstorm.

Fallen Tapestry

This image was just lots of layers and blending and a simple use of Flow Paper from the color light burst on the top.

Erasing Humanity

The next photo was taken with MPro camera app in a square format (1:1). It’s a really great black and white app and high on my recommendations list. I also used Decim8. Then layered, textured and blended all the photos together with Photo Forge 2. Last I used Repix for dust splatters.

Trippin' The Lights Fantastic

This photo I started off with blurring out the building with Filterstorm. Then I used Deco Sketch to decorate the building to look like lights and abstractions, used Rays for the sun light streaks through the clouds and last layered them together with Photo Forge 2. Now I wanted to talk about Pop Cam, the in-app purchase part of the app, I used a film called Technicolor for that Red/Cyan look to my images. The reason why I love sing Technicolor is the extremes of Red and Cyan. Those two colors are complete opposite in the light spectrum when you color balance color photographs. Technicolor gives your photographs that extra punch if you want a different take on monochromatic photos, in my opinion.

Direct Connect

The next image was blurred out with Filterstorm except for the two people (man and woman on her laptop). I also used Decim8 a few times. Then layers them with Photo Forge 2 with Flow Paper. Normally I’ll use Difference or Exclusion but this time I used Luminosity for blending them together. That’s how I got the browns and silvers and last Repix for dusts and scratches.

Engulfing Aura

Ok, the last image in details we start with my Pro Camera photo shot, that I zoomed in on a guy with his hat and smart phone. Blurred it all out with Filterstorm except for the guy and fence. Then used Percolator’s Full of Stars and Decim8 for glitches. Layered and blended them all together and used the textured part of Photo Forge 2 to get that red splatter on the hat guy. What I love about the texture layers is you have an opacity and blending feature, using sliders to my liking. Then last Repix for dust. I’m sad to see Photo Forge 2 gone from the App Store for future Mobile Artists and iPhoneographers. What I hoping for is other developers to catch on or pick up what Photo Forge 2 and Kit Cam did for mobile artists. But I also look at it this way, that Ghostbird will improve Flickr to make it a better place for all photographers and artists.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me You can check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group and find me on IG @combo_apps…see you soon !!!

365/166TurboAttention DeficitThe Blue PrinceFallen TapestryEngulfing Aura
Erasing HumanityBlown GlassTrippin' The Lights FantasticDirect Connect
AlohaAt the eveningFlax IIFoto.JPGiphonographyiphonography
IMG_7857.JPGIMG_8248.JPGIMG_8140.JPGIMG_8087.JPGIMG_7926.JPGCracks of the power


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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Homage to Photo Forge 2

  1. amazing work from a super app.

  2. Mikro says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say that Photoforge2 as well as kit Cam both work perfect on iOS 7 betas 4, 5, and 6.

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