Combo Apps/Creative Collage Editing with Diptic


Diptic was one of the first collaging/montage app that got me start with the whole Mobile Arts Movement. I owe Diptic a huge blog post and what better way but to show you a very creative way to use this app. The app is for sale with the Android Market as well for the Mac too. I’ve showed in the past on how to make your abstract art look like a Pinwheel Effect. Today I;m going to show a whole new creative approach with Diptic by collaging images together and making your photos/image into AMAZING ART !!! The Photo up above was 2 different photos collage together with Diptic, shot with Pro Camera, edited with Tangled FX, Percolator and layered and blended with Photo Forge 2.

Demo 1
Demo 2

I’ll be using these two photos for the demo tutorial with Diptic.

Camera Roll-1049

Today I’m going to show you the iPad version of using this app. The reason why I’m going to show you how to do this on the iPad is on the iPhone is too small. You need to see you’ve lined up the photos/images correctly. If you don’t you will have white borders showing between the photos. You want to make sure there are not lines and matched up properly. If you want to put in borders in your photos after you lined them up, you can do that too. You will noticed I have the selection of frame in the “FANCY” section. This is where all the crazy shaped frame are at on Diptic.

Camera Roll-1050

Now do you see on the left hand side of the image where I’m placing a section of photo on the last third part. You will see a grayed out upside down “L”. That’s why I do this type of editing on the iPad vs iPhone. You really need to see if your images line up properly. The larger screen on the iPad really does help with editing.

Camera Roll-1051

You can also play with the inner borders too…make them zig-zag or curvy inner borders. Which will make your images look even more interesting and crazy.

Diptic Collage Demo 1

This is the final edit 1 of this demo and will show you another way of using the inner borders.

Camera Roll-1053

Now I’m going to show you something else that’s cool with paying with the inner ratio borders, called Frames. You can change the frame ratios by turning it on and playing with the dots and arrows. Slide you finger up and down or left and right to crop out or more with the photos.

Camera Roll-1055

As you can see I’ve moved the inner frame by making it angled along the other photo, so it has that blend in look.

Camera Roll-1056

This is how I decided to lined them up to fit the two different images together to make a really interesting looking collage.

Camera Roll-1057
Camera Roll-1058

Then you can go to the top and play with the effects to change the color or effect with the photo. I like the Cyan Man effect because the contrast to the colors and gave my collage a whole new style to it. Make sure that you tap on all the three stops to change the effects of you photo.

Diptic Collage Demo 2

This is my finished edited image done with Diptic…pretty cool, huh !!!

Tourist Trap

This is another photo I did called “Tourist Trap” using Diptic, merging minimal edited with extreme edit photos together and making a very creative and interesting looking image. Now if you have any questions about this blog post, you can leave comments or email me You can also find me in Instagram @combo_apps and check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below. Have a great day and see you soon…

Tourist TrapDiptic Collage Demo 2Diptic Collage Demo 1365/157For Charo (in memorian) 01For Charo (in memorian) 02
114#2013/365 IPHONEFoto.JPGFrankfurter TorcircumventsSelf Portraitflite
CodeForgotten Tulipsfeeling itSilent PowerL.O.T.V. 7113#2013/365 IPHONE
Sliding DoorsThe Colourful Neal's YardFrom How Hill, towards Markenfield, YorkshireTHREE60syncopationBy the seeds that you plant



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9 Responses to Combo Apps/Creative Collage Editing with Diptic

  1. Kate says:

    Wow. You never fail to amaze me with the quality of your art and the interest of your blog. I look forward to reading it every week. You reviews of the apps are always thoughtful and I enjoy your approach as an artist rather than a techie. Thank you!

  2. rjllane says:

    I guess that your art is a reflection of your character – brave and beautiful. I love seeing how you put these extreme edits together – always with wonderful results. I don’t have the vision or the courage to push the apps as you do. Thanks for putting together this post – I use Diptic – but not this way! And the colours you use – I don’t know how you come up with them, and more puzzling is how well they combine given how strong and bold they are!

    🙂 MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      How I get the colours are easy but making it work is the hard part. I have to make sure that the colours don’t mesh or I’ll loose content in the image.

      The secret to getting bright colours are the following.

      1. Play with hues and curves.
      2. Blend them with layers and use Difference, Exclusion and Hardlight. Sometimes Luminosity and Overlay will work but not always.
      3. Push saturation to 100%
      4. Dynamic Light is a big help.
      5. Photo Forge 2 with Color 5 & CHROMAX film helps and pushing saturations. You can also use Polarize Filter and Cross Prosses 1 & 2.
      6. iColorama helps with pushing colours.
      7. FX Photo Studio does the trick too in the Color Fantasy section.

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  4. Pingback: Combo Apps/Creative Collage Editing with Diptic...

  5. Stitchworks says:

    Thank you,as a newbie your posts are providing me with lots of inspiration.

  6. Appsicum says:

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  7. Love your art. Just a FYI Diptic on Android is not the same as IOS, as I have discovered after buying the app and the expansion….. Hopefully they will add the other features to the Android version in the future.

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