Combo Apps/Tangent Sneak Peek

Tangent App Demo 3

Today I’m going to show you a sneak peak of a new app I’m beta testing called Tangent App by Ben Guerrette. Tangent is a geometrical app that you use to layer patters, shapes and forms with gradations and colours. It’s more of a simpler version of Deco Sketch but instead of drawing the geometrical shapes/patters you apply preset layers of shapes/patters and blend them in the way you like in your photo. I got permission from Ben to post some off my edits using Tangent along with other apps that were edited into the image. There will be no screen shots of how this app works because Tangent App is still in beta testing and will change over the beta testing period. The top photo was taken with Pro Camera and edited with Tangent App and DXP for layers and blending.

Tangent App Demo 1

This was my first test using Tangent and using DXP for layers and blending. It took me about an hour to play with the app to understand the functions and concept of applying the layers, gradations, patterns, shapes and colours.

Tangent App Demo 2

Here’s another cool edit using Tangent, Decim8 and DXP. You can make some really cool conceptual geometrical art and abstract realities. It’s a very graphic app that will add that extra punch you’re looking for in your editing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak of Tangent and will be in the App Store soon. When Tangent hits the App Store look for the detailed and thorough blog post on Combo Apps about Tangent App. Please check out the EyeEm Album of Tangent App started by Jennifer Bracewell and other artists Andrea Bigiarini and Gingerd Lucero. Have a great weekend and see you soon…

Tangent App Demo 1Tangent App Demo 3Tangent App Demo 2Another Lunar EyeIMG_7745.JPGIMG_7713.JPG
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