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Today’s blog is a new app called Mextures, a different approach to editing with textures, grunge, light leaks and gradations. I haven’t seen an app this incredibly AWESOME since Magic Hour. Mextures has a launch price of $.99 and will up go up to $1.99 and square format camera/editing app (Click HERE to take you to the App Store). It’s an iPhone/iPod Touch only app and you can load this app on your iPad. The top photo was taken with Pro Camera and edited with Mextures.

Camera Roll-4318
Camera Roll-4298

Lets get started talking about this app, this is the load up screen. You have three options to choose from Camera, Inspiration and Library. Also when you first open the app you can watch a video tutorial about how to use the app.

Camera Roll-4319

When you app on Inspiration, this will take you to photos that have been edited with Mextures.

Camera Roll-4317

Tap on the “i” button to find out more info about this app.

Camera Roll-4299
Camera Roll-4300

Lets load and go with this app shall we, now you have can crop and adjust your photo before you start to edit with Mextures. Square format only !!! You have two options TEXTURE PACKS and FORMULAS. I’ve tapped on TEXTURE PACKS and talk about the FORMULAS later in the blog post. Favorites is for when you tap on the different textures to save whatever textures you love to use.

Camera Roll-4301

Now see all the cool buttons after your load up your photo but I’m going to talk about the bottom part where all the different textures are at. All you have to do is slide your finger across to pick your different Grit & Grains.

Camera Roll-4302

The slider button is your opactiy level of how much of filtration you want on your photo.

Camera Roll-4303

You also have blend modes which is another awesome feature with this app.

Camera Roll-4304

After you apply your layers and blended what you like, you have these options to either apply more layers or not. You can choose from “Select new pack” or “Use current pack.”

Camera Roll-4305

Here, I’ve added another layer to my photo to make it look more of painterly/vintage effect.


This is my finished edited photo but I have more to show you !!!

Camera Roll-4307

Formulas as you can see you have two options, My Formulas and Guest Formulas. Well since I don’t have any of my own formulas I will take you into the Guest Formulas. You would have a list of people’s formulas to choose from with their name and IG @name on them. Christopher Friendman (@houseoffriedman) formulas attracted me the most, so that’s why I picked him. He has a lists of formulas he’s already saved with this app.

Camera Roll-4309

If you don’t know me by now I want to add more to the photo edit…!!!


My finished edited photo but you know THERE’S MORE !!!

Camera Roll-4311
Camera Roll-4312

What I did here is doubled the layer and saturation of the Landscape Enhance filter. I just love to mess with hues and gradations of colors.

Camera Roll-4313

Now I’m going to have my formula so I can use so I can use this same preset edit again. Yes I really named it Strawberry Orange Sorbet !!!


My finished edited Strawberry Orange Sorbet edit…there’s more !!!

Camera Roll-4320

There’s something else I wanted to show you about this app and it’s that left hand button on the corner of the photo. If you see and arrow circle button, it’s to rotate the the layer.

Camera Roll-4322

See how I rotated the layer in my photo to change it around, this is something not most apps will offer in editing. I really wish other apps would get up on this concept of rotations of textures and layers. Sometimes when you put the layer on the photo you want the textures, scratches, dust, grains and so etc…in different spots of your photos. I usually would have to change the rotation of the photo and edit it that way. This whole feature changes all that and much more !!!


This is my final edited photo using Mextures. What I love about this app is it has so much room to grow and saves at 2447×2447 res. If you have any questions about this app please leave comments or email me Please check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and you can follow me on Instagram @combo_apps. Have a great day and see you next week !!!

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Mextures Launch Video from Merek Davis on Vimeo.



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Mextures

  1. Kim says:

    Awesome walk through/tutorial! TY for sharing your tips and expertise Tina!! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing another fab app. I’m off to purchase.

  3. njb_photo says:

    just downloaded this and having a play around – quite like some of the features – like to save formulas to re-use – this is very useful, when creating a series of images 🙂

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