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Grunge Show-4

Grunge is something I stay away from when it comes to editing because it’s turned into “The Norm” of mobile editing. Why am I blogging about Grunge Editing ? I decided to enter into a show by The Rush Society. I saw the topic in Studio Talk on iPhone Art. There were 3 categories Black and White, Symmetry and Grunge. I was going to submit some of my Crispy Black and Whites but there was nothing I really thought was worthy in my collection to submit. Nothing interested me in Symmetry so I went with Grunge. I had to do some serious thinking on coming up with Grunge Editing with a twist (my own style), reevaluate, researching and making my image stand out from the rest. The apps I wanted to stay away from were Snapseed, Pic Grunger, Scratch Cam, Vintage Scene and Gruntastic. The reason why I wanted to stayed away from those apps because most of the time your photos looked like you’ve edited your photos from those apps. Don’t get me wrong they’re all great apps but they have a distinct signature to them. The image up above is one of the submission to the up coming show. I’m going to show you other alternatives and creative ways of making grunge your own way.

Pic Frame Cropped Photo

Well of course this was an excuse to go out and take photos with my iPhone, I found something interesting about the freshly trimmed trees at Embarcadero Seaport Village. I took the trees with Pro Camera and cropped them into squares with Pic Frame. You’re probably wondering why I used Pic Frame to crop my photos instead of the normal cropping apps. The reason I use Pic Frame is to keep the resolution size when I crop the photos. This is a trick I use to pump up pixels while editing on my iDevices with app that are low or lower on the resolution. It works, my photos look great and nothing comes out fuzzy and/or pixelated. Now I only use this Pic Frame trick if the photos save over 1200×1600 because if you anything lower you will see the pixelation and digital compression.

Decim8 Demo

Next step app I used was Demin8, the combination I used was Beamrider and Tribomb. I usually have to this 1 to 5 times to get the random style I’m looking for with this app. That’s the trick with Decim8 is to play and play until you get something you’re pleased with. Sometimes Decim8 can be frustrating but so is editing photos but it’s worth the frustration.

Rays Demo

Then I’ll take the Decim8 photo and run the photo through Rays. This is how I get my photos to look like they have some kind of motion or blurriness. I like making my photos streak or have motion/movement to them.

PS Express Demo

Next I run the Rays photo through PS Express to change it’s shape and color. I wanted to add flow and distort the photos.

Flow Paper Demo

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how I got the scratches to my photo and the answer is Flow Paper. I use Flow Paper for a lot of my textures for layering and blending editing. The app is really easy to use, universal to the iPad and only $.99 with an in-app purchase. The IAP is for making the flow run continuously but if you run on that mode your image will save at low res. I just run Flow Paper in the normal mode to save my creations at high res.

Grunge Show Demo Layering

After I’m doing making all my separate layers, it’s time to put the layers together and blend them with Photo Forge 2. My trick to make my images give off those acidity colors, silver lines and inversions is using Difference. You can also try Exclusion and Hardlight if you want to lighten them up or have a different look to your photos. This is how I get real saturated and acidity colors with my images that just POP !!!! This is my style of editing is to make my images POP IN YOUR FACE !!!

Grunge Show-0

Grunge Show-1

Grunge Show-2

Grunge Show-3

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what apps I used to give them that grunge textures. Well I have to thank Lucy Probst for helping look for other app alternatives with textures. We went back and fourth on Kik showing each other other apps I could use and this helped a lot. I’m going to give you a list of apps I used with these images. We did a lot of experimentations with lots of different apps. This list is on the top of my mind of what we played with…I know there are more grunge/textured apps out there.

Photo Toaster
Pixlr Express+
iColorama S
XnView Photo FX
Distressed FX
Flow Paper

Most of these app are universal to the iPhone/iPad and few have their own separate iPad versions. I wanted to also add that some of these and not all of these apps are available in the Android App Store too. Now if have any questions about this blog post you can leave a comments or email me You can also check out the events page link “HERE” for more info about The Rush Society contest/submission show. You can also read about by clicking “HERE” for Studio Talk info about show submission details. You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and find me on Instagram and follow me on Twitter @combo_apps.

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