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Chessy Horror Edit

Today’s blog post is about horror and the app I’ll be talking about is Scary Camera Effect App. Now there are two version, FREE and FULL VERSION $.99. The FREE version is under Lifestyle Category if you want to test it out before buying it, but $.99 is not bad for the need for cheese. This app is iPhone only (not sure if this app operates on the iPod Touches 4th and 5th gen). The photo up above was taken with Pro Camera and edited with Scary Camera.

Camera Roll-4194

Now this is the default photo and load up screen for Scary Camera, you can change this photo. But if you’re just starting out this is a practice photo so you can get the hang of using this app.

Camera Roll-4201

If you tap on the HELP button on the bottom left hand corner, this will take you another screen that tells you to use this app. You can even watch a video tutorial on how to use this app. There are 7 different videos to watch on how to operate the app. They are quick minute videos but it will give you an idea of how to use it.

Camera Roll-4195

Ok, I’ve changed the photo and up loaded a different photo for the demo. All you have to do is take a picture by tapping on the camera button or tap on the the picture frames to load you photo from you photo album.

Camera Roll-4196

Now I’ve slapped a filter frame over the photo. There are 20 filter to choose from and I picked the Victor Filter for this demo.

Camera Roll-4197
Camera Roll-4199

Let’s play with the stickers part of the app, it’s where you slap on your horror stamps. There are over 50 horror stickers to choose from, all kinds of crazy stickers to play with…

Camera Roll-4200

Now let’s say you don’t like the sticker you picked. Not a problem just drag the to the bottom of the photo and it will disappear. It even tells you to drag to remove your stickers. You can also adjust the size of the sticker to smaller or larger to fit to scale/skew. I do have a hard time using this app on my iPhone because I’m really anal about editing and got used to editing on my iPad. It’s hard to work on a small screen.

Camera Roll-4202

These are your save options for posting and saving onto your camera roll, Facebook, Twitter, emails or posting on Instagram.

Scary Camera Demo Photo

This is my finished edited photo using Scary Camera. I’m going to list the PROS and CONS with this app down below. Also below is another example edit I did for Marble Monday using Scary Camera App and a few other apps.

Marble Monday

The app is really cool for what it is, HORROR.
It’s simple to use and easy to operate.
You can find the app developer on Instagram @scarycameraeffects.

The app saves at very low res 640×640 (Instagram Res).
iOS only and iPhone only.
Square format only.

I’m hoping in the future that Scary Camera will be universal to the iPad, larger to full res, not just a square format but other formats and launch into the Droid Market. It’s really great app if you want to do fast scary/funny editing to post on Instagram. If you want to post your edits from Scary Camera on Tadaa unfortunately you can’t because the res is too low and not all of us just post on Instagram. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and @combo_apps on Instagram. Have a great weekend and see you soon…

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