Chicano Park iPhoneography

Chicano Park-8

Chicano Park is another place I wanted to visit before leaving San Diego. I’ve always been intrigued with this park because of it’s cultural artistic murals with vibrant colours. When I was young you weren’t really allowed to go there because it was so dangerous. Now the park is cleaned up and safe to walk around in during the day. You can check out more about Chicano Park by clicking >HERE<.

Chicano Park-17

I remember as a kid and driving over The Coranado Bridge and seeing these murals for the first time. I was in total AWE of them and loved the colours. My mom would tell me not to go to that park because I would get hurt or killed. All I knew is that someday I was gonna go there and really look at these murals.

Chicano Park-20

When I was riding in a car with a couple of friends and we drove passed Chicano Park, I told my friends I’m going to take pictures in that park. They told me I was crazy but I didn’t care because it was in my gut/heart to do this. Then I got my chance (2010) and went with a friend Candace. I mostly shot with my DSLR, fisheye and wide angle lens. What Candace did was even extraordinary by making Chicano Park into a tiny planet called Bridge. We had a lot of fun that day.

a man & his car-1

The story behind the man and his car. This man came up to me with his one time use (disposable) camera. He asked me to take picture of him standing next to his car. After I took a few shots, I asked him if he wanted to take some of him with my camera and e-mail him the images. He was really excited and gave me his e-mail after I did a few shots. I haven’t heard from the guy but I’m sure he wasn’t expecting me to that for him…one of those things.

Chicano Park-18

Chicano Park-20

Well I wanted to go back one more time and take photos with my iPhone and edit them on my iPad and write a blog post about this magical park. The photo were taken with Pro Camera and edited with Snapseed and Pic Boost. You can check out the set below by clicking on set below…enjoy the photos.

Chicano Park-0Chicano Park-1Chicano Park-2Chicano Park-3Chicano Park-4Chicano Park-5
Chicano Park-6Chicano Park-7Chicano Park-8Chicano Park-9Chicano Park-10Chicano Park-11
Chicano Park-12Chicano Park-13Chicano Park-14Chicano Park-15Chicano Park-16Chicano Park-17
Chicano Park-18Chicano Park-19Chicano Park-20Chicano Park-21Chicano Park-22Chicano Park-23

Chicano Park iPhoneography, a set on Flickr.


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3 Responses to Chicano Park iPhoneography

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello ASHCROFT54. Great work, as always.

    Amazing little park – really making good use of the space underneath all of those freeways – so clean and tidy – and colorful! Love the style of the shooting/processing that you have used here, and the descriptions are beautifully woven in to produce a touching story.

    It made me think how lucky we are in Australia – we have so much open space, so many parks, and then there is bush everywhere that you wouldn’t even call “a park” – just wild and untamed countryside. We don’t need to think about personal safety when going places, day or night – except for the snakes and spiders, or the rip tides in the ocean!

    You can tell that the community around this park take great pride in this space – so clean, and the artworks are not graffiti (destructive tags and paint sprayed to erase the previous messages, and designed to give warnings to others) but true art. That guy is clearly proud of his car – as he should be – and dressed up for the occasion! Wonderful. Thanks for taking us all to this park.

    🙂 MomentsForZen

  2. I really enjoyed the style you edited these with as well as the composition. I also applaud you for going somewhere to take pictures that was previously thought of as “unsafe.” Great job.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Thanks, Bethanie I felt that it was important for me to visit Chicano Park. It’s safe to check out and a park people should visit. Chicano Park is a cultural icon of San Diego, that’s tucked away in the heart of San Diego.

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