Saying goodbye to San Diego, these are about a series of photos I’ve taken with Hipstamatic (Jane Film and D-Type Plate Film) and using my Lensdial Lenses. Some of these were just random test shots but I felt that these photos were something special to me and deserve to be in a set all their own.


Before I got the iPhone, I used to do an on going project called Trolley Adventures and Fisheye Adventures. What I would do is get off at random trolley stops in Downtown San Diego, have my Canon 40D DSLR in hand and just shoot what caught my eye. I would edit photos with Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Software. You can check out the two photos below and click on them to check them out on Flickr down below.

Trolley Adventure 7-17

Trolley Adventure Series


Fisheye Adventure Series

The iPhone has changed Street Photography forever because of it versatility, quick capture and photo apps. One of my favorite photo app is Hipstamatic because that cool retro look and square format. One of my favorite street photographers of all time is Eugene Atget. Atget became famous after his death. He would take his large format camera, photograph the streets of Paris, people and anything that caught his eye. Atget felt his photos were more documents of Paris and the people. His photographs still amaze me to this day and age.


These photos I’ve shot with the Hipstamatic using Jane Lens and D-Type Plate Film are a document of San Diego Downtown. I’ve lived in San Diego for good part of my life that I feel I’m a tourist in own town. It’s funny when people ask me where I’m from. I’ll tell them I’m from San Diego, born and raised here. The tourist would tell me how lucky I am that I was born and raised here because of the sunny 70 degree weather. Blue hazy skies, sunny warm weather can be get boring because there’s no real change. The days, months and years just seem to mesh together to a long spring/summer. I always look forward when it rains or when we have May Gray and June Gloom. That’s when we have overcast skies perfect for walking around and photographing.


I will miss San Diego but I know there’s a better future for me abroad. The things I look forward to is making new photo adventures with The London Underground and Buses, meeting new people and turning all the things I photograph into something. I want to leave behind a legacy in The Mobile Arts and something for the people in the future. What will happen next, I’m not sure but it will blow our minds !!!



Hipsta-Downtown, a set on Flickr.


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3 Responses to Hipsta-Downtown

  1. Sue Anderson says:

    Great shots I can’t wait to see your shots on your new journey! You inspire me¡

  2. Kim says:

    I’m new to your blog but have enjoyed your posts and looking through the archive. It will be fun to see your photos from abroad. I look forward to them and your inspiring ideas!! All the best.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Thanks and for reading my posts, there will be more posts to come. At the moment I’m focused on moving and figuring out my life. I know where I’m going is a better off place so I can grow as a photographer, blogger and artist.

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