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Today’s blog post is about other alternatives with using apps besides combo apping. One will be how to improve your photographic skills and the other is just musical fun. These two developers found me on Twitter while I was changing and creating a separate @Combo_Apps account, adding followers and relinking/changing everything around it. I felt it was time to make a Combo Apps Twitter account and separate because I keep growing each month. Combo Apps started with only a handful of readers, now it’s grown to the few thousands readers and last month it hit 8,000 views. I’ve also updated my page. Since it’s spring, time for changes, cleaning up and updating my social network sites. As long as I get people reading, emailing and tweeting me, Combo Apps will be around for a long while…I’ve been asked questions about how, where and why about my photographing skills. How do you take better photographs ? Where do I photograph ? Why do I photograph ? The answers are I went to school and took many photo classes, workshops and a history class. I don’t have a degree but with everything I’ve done and taken I’m considered a master photographer. Photography changed my life for the better, how to be a better problem solver and cope with the world. It also helps having a great teacher who inspires you to push yourself. Because of photography, I didn’t become an alcoholic and/or an addict of some kind. I could always fall back on taking pictures to clear my head, deal with my deep rooted issues and express myself in a healthy way…

Camera Roll-3964

Not everyone can afford to take photo classes/workshops, buy fancy photo gear, laptop, expensive software and go to a print shop. Mobile Art Movement came along and changed a lot of those things. You don’t need a lot of those things anymore, in fact I hardly touch my DSLR and laptop because of my iPhone and iPad. Now there’s an app that can teach you the techniques of being a better photographer. Noel Chenier is the developer of iPhotography Assignment Generator app. His website is called LEARNPHOTO.CA and he teaches photo classes.

Camera Roll-3965
Camera Roll-3967

What this app does is teaches you how to be a better photographer with your iPhone and iTouch. I’m a firm believer of learning by doing, making mistakes and improving by practicing. This app is set up in generated photo assignments, that tell you how to take photos a certain way. The app teaches you by doing simple skills over and over again. These are the basic photo skills. Noel likes to get feedback on improving this app, so please if you have this app please write a review or leave feed back at his website. He told me this app will get an update soon, for $.99 it’s deal. I’m hoping he will make the app universal for the iPad, so I can read it better. You can follow Noel on Instagram (@nchenier) and Twitter (@noelchenier).

You can also pick up his other apps. Photography Assignment Generator FREE, Photography Assignment Generator, Photography Assignment Generator for iPad FREE, Photography Assignment Generator for iPad.

The next app I want to talk about is Musical Me Images. Their catch phrase is “Every Image Strikes a Chord.” Basically this app is another way to create sound by touching your photos or images that you load into the app. The app is FREE with in-app purchases and universal to the iPad. I’ve played with this and it really cool. It’s an app that gives you a creative outlet with your photos/images with sound and touch. I like the idea of playing with sounds with your images. This app is also great for parents who want their children to learn about music and sounds by touching.

Camera Roll-3969
Camera Roll-3970
Camera Roll-3971
Camera Roll-3972
Camera Roll-3973
Camera Roll-3974
Camera Roll-3975
Camera Roll-3976
Camera Roll-3977
Camera Roll-3978
Camera Roll-3979
Camera Roll-3980

These are the screen shots that show you how to operate the app.

Camera Roll-3981

This is the photo I loaded onto the app. You can only use square photos or you’ll have to crop the photo within the app. If you have an questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can now follow me on Twitter @Combo_Apps and tweet me. I’ll be tweeting my blog posts, pictures edited with app linked to Twitter and other news…check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and see you next week !!!!!!

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