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HDR Art Demo

Now a lot of my readers are waiting for me to write about this app, HDR Art by Mediachance. You all know about one of the best selling tone mapping/HDR apps called Dynamic Light. Well now he’s taken Dynamic Light and added an artistic twist with hyper detailed controls and made an app called HDR Art. Now if you’re wondering why I waited to write about this app, there was some problems with it. I wanted to make sure Roman fixed it and it ran smoother. Please also check out his other app that I will list at the end of this blog post too. Roman and I have been going back and fourth with emails. He’s one talented app developer and a very nice guy. The top photo was taken with Pro Camera and editing with HDR Art only.

Demo Blog Photo

This is the demo photo I’ll be using for this blog post of San Diego Downtown between the Convention Center and Petco Park and taken with Pro Camera.

Camera Roll-3811
Camera Roll-3812

Let’s get started with loading up the app on my iPhone, this app is only available on the iPhone only but you can load this app on your iPads too. I have this app on my iPad too because of it’s editing capabilities. It also runs a lot smoother and quick on iPad 4. I’m not sure how well it runs on an iPhone 5 because I have an iPhone 4S. If you want to leave comments and responses of how it works on your iPhone 5 you’re more than welcome to. I like to know peoples experiences with this app. Now after the app has loaded this is the default settings.

Camera Roll-3813
Camera Roll-3814

Now if you noticed there’s a dial of the different types of HDR Art presets. There are 65 presets, a Random and User.

Camera Roll-3815
Camera Roll-3816

When you tap on the pencil button that is for the manual controls. There’s a lot of lot of controlling with this app, to the point of endless editing possibilities. You could say this is a one stop editing app because of the features it has to offer with just Special FX and Paper effects alone. With that many options and features, this will replace a lot of the HDR editing apps I already have and this app gives Simply HDR a run for it’s money. The price of this app is only $.99 !!! HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT !!!!

Camera Roll-3817
Camera Roll-3818

Lets talk about the saves and comparisons I did with my iPhone 4S and iPad 4. When I first got the app and saved it at high res there was some problems of not saving and you could only email the at high res. That’s why I didn’t write about the app and wanted to wait. It’s still slow on my iPhone 4S but on my iPad 4 different story. The app does save a little faster and processes a lot quicker because of the A5x processor and 1 gig of RAM. Roman and I went back and fourth about how 2 gigs of RAM will probably put most point and shoots on the market a run for it’s money. I’ve even noticed that the models of point and shoot cameras are getting smaller and smaller in makes, models and selections because of the vast improvements in the technology in smart phone cameras. It’s not just with iPhones either. I’ve seen really nice photos taken with Droid and Windows phones.

HDR Art Demo

My final edit with HDR Art.

Combo Apps Blog Post Demo

Here’s another photo I edited with HDR Art and other apps: iColorama S, Deco Sketch, DXP and PS Express. You can get them all at the App Store. If you have an questions just leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group (down below) and find me on Instagram @combo_apps. See you next week…check out other Mediachance apps down below.

Mediachance Apps for the iPhone:

Dynamic Light
AutoPainter II
AutoPainter 3
Vegetable Me

Mediachance Apps for the iPad:

DynaLight HD
AutoPainter HD

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16 Responses to Combo Apps/HDR Art

  1. Chris says:

    This app looks really cool and seems like it can do a lot. I already love dynamic light and HDR art looks better. I’m definitely going to have to try out this app. Thanks for the review. I love your blog!!

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  3. Kristen says:

    What synchronicity! I just downloaded HDR Art today. Played around with it a bit and it looks great…you’re right — there are so many choices. Thanks for your tutorial…I’m ready to make my masterpiece now 🙂

  4. Jana Malachowski says:

    This looks great!!! I can’t wait to try it!!! I have a few of their apps and really enjoy them, this one looks as if it won’t disappoint!!! Thanks for the info!

  5. Dan Retz says:

    Love your work Tina.

  6. Paul Silver says:

    Looks really interesting … I’d love to try it!

  7. Paul Silver says:

    Looks really interesting … I’m always looking to try new HDR apps … the “Artsy” option looks promising. Thanks for the review.

  8. It looks possibly quite dynamic. How does it run on iPhone 4 and iPad 2? (I did skim your review, if I missed the answers above, sorry.)

  9. Joanie says:

    This looks like an awesome app. I’m always playing with Dynamic Light (and all the Auto Painters too! !) and would love to give HDR Art a go. Oh, and Kudos on the wonderful blog. I really look forward to all the app reviews and how to’s. Your artistry really gets my creative juices flowing.

  10. Cool app! I’d love a code.

  11. Mandolina Moon says:

    This app looks so exciting. I can hardly wait to start making some HDR ART — and I will!

  12. Julia (@joooolya on IG) says:

    Looks great Tina! Your examples are beautiful!

  13. Isaac says:

    I’ve gotten some good info on your blog and hope this app quickens the process for some of the shots.

  14. Tomy says:

    Great app and tutorial! I guess I’m too late to get a code! Greetings from Spain!

  15. jfmaddocks1 says:

    The endless editing possibilities you mentioned in the blog post is intriguing . I’d love a copy!

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