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Hipstamatic Effexy Demo

Effexy has bee finally submitted to the App Store and waits for approval, so I’m going to write about it today. The app is universal iPhone/iPad. Effexy is an app that is based on the style of movement, blurs and textures. The app reminds me of Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge photography is based on motion studies (chronophotography) of movement of people and animals. His photographs are base on 4D, that’s where you add time/sounds. At the time you could only add time to motion pictures, sounds capture wasn’t invented yet. This is how I see the concept and editing styles behind Effexy. This is a different type of editing app, for all the surrealist out there this might be the app you’re looking for in movement and 3D look to your images. This app can also make your images look very abstract, painterly and fluid. The photo up above was shot with Hipstamatic and edited with Effexy.

Camera Roll-3759
Camera Roll-3760

Let’s get started with Effexy, now you have the choices of taking a photo or loading it from your photo album. If you tap on the “i” on the top left hand corner, you can get the info about the app and how it operates.

Camera Roll-3761

You can choose what resolution output. Now I’m going to warn you if you do FULL res, the app does run slow. Please make sure you turn off all your app in the background while running Effexy. It’s a very high processing output app and takes awhile to process your edits. The app will crash if you have a lot of things running on your iPhone/iPad.

Effexy Demo

The photo I’ll be using in the demo, shot with Pro Camera.

Camera Roll-3762

After you load your photo, you have these 4 button on the cent top of the app. Those are you editing options “X” is to start over, the arrows are undo or redo and the “+” is your editing options or adding layers of edits on top of you photo.

Camera Roll-3763

So I tapped on the “+” button and all these folders of editing options pop down below. These are your editing options Effect, Texture, Light, Color, Edges, Change and Blurs.

Camera Roll-3773
Camera Roll-3764

I tapped on Effect and using Hand Shake. It’s starts the shake effect and as you shake your iDevice…

Camera Roll-3765

It will shake more to make your image look like a bad picture has been takien or you’re running with your iPhone to take a picture.

Camera Roll-3766

Now I’m going to play with the Color Folder. What I’m going to do is saturate and change the hues.

Camera Roll-3767

I tap on the hue once.

Camera Roll-3768

The I do tap and do hue again and saturate it after I do hue twice. I like the orange/blue look to my photos.

Camera Roll-3769

Now I’m going to add some texture to my photo by using Emboss. I want my photo to pop and have a 3D feel to it.

Camera Roll-3770
Camera Roll-3771

When I’m happy with my edit I want to save my photo, so I’ll tap on the button that looks like an iPhone with an arrow at the top right hand corner. You can add your photos to the follow share sites or save it to your save image to your camera roll.

Camera Roll-3772

This is my final edited photo with Effexy. I’m going to show you some other demos I’ve edit with Effexy so keep scrolling down…

Hueless Effexy Demo

This photo was shot with Hueless and edited with Effexy. The reason why I wanted to add this to the blog post is not all app work with Hueless because it’s a one channel black and white app. Effexy is one of the few apps that work with Hueless. You don’t have to change the colors or add colors to load your Hueless photos Effexy. Which is really great because I love to shoot with Hueless sometimes.

Pro Camera Effexy Demo

You can also add zoom effect with Effexy too. It’s cool because you can really control of how you want your zoom to look…

Running Man

Running Man was edited with Effexy and a number of other apps. I wanted to show you that you can use it as a Combo App edit. Effexy will be out in a couple of days and will have an intro launch price of $.99 and will be $1.99. This app has lots of room to grow and improvements which is always a great thing and something I look for in an app. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me You can check out Combo Apps Flickr Group and find the me @combo_apps on Instagram for quick app news, tutorials and features. Have a nice day and see you next week…

effexydemo from Effexy on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Effexy

  1. regibak says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Been looking forward to getting this app since your first mention of it!

  2. Kate says:

    This looks like a great app. I use several different apps together and I’m looking forward to adding yours. Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. I like the running man effect. It is very nice app. I save this photo in my “Photo Album – Photobook”.

  4. Sxethang says:

    This is a cool app with different effects that I’ve seen anywhere else. A wonderful tutorial as well. I look forward to the updates that this app will offer. 🙂

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