Combo Apps:A Dezadie Experiment

Her winter loveliness  naked to the wind  Golden ball gown fall emerald adornments striped  Dance bare and wild  in white snow filled dreams  Until the Robin calls you emerge, rejoice as self

Today I wanted to share video experiments done by Dezadie. I really like the experimentations, creativity, music and animations. You can read about her more in an interview on iART CHRONiCLES. Check out the videos and her art on EyeEm and iPhone Art too. Dezadie work totally intrigues with more questions than answers, which is makes me think and wonder. Enjoy the videos and check out art work Dezadie on Instagram, I promise you that you will not be disappointed…

Doris is Scarred

March 17, Patrick is my middle name.76Snap.Crackle.PopcrocusThawGCT 180 #4
GCT 180 #2GCT 180 #1 rising
Behind meSpringHour ThreeHour TwoHour OneSpring Rhythm
Chaos TheorizedDerwentwater & Borrowdale, from Keswick, CumbriaThis is my wayFly ..SHiftSummer's Kiss


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