Combo Apps/Coming Soon Repix

Repix – Remix photos from Repix on Vimeo.

Remix Photos

Repix – Getting Started from Repix on Vimeo.

Getting Started

Repix in action – The Fox from Repix on Vimeo.

The Fox

Repix in action – The Balloon Girl from Repix on Vimeo.

The Ballon Girl

Repix in action – Norah from Repix on Vimeo.


Repix in action – Qbert from Repix on Vimeo.


Repix in action – The Leap from Repix on Vimeo.

The Leap

The developer for a new app called Repix found me on Twitter, so I wanted to share video demos of the soon to be out app. I’m edited about this app…hope you’re all excited as much as I am !!! Enjoy all the video demos !!!

Repix Demo Couch

Demo photo taken with Pro Camera and edited with Repix only.

Masks 21Grazing the savanna61VanishingBasking in Glorybig city lights
red shoeLetting go of angerThrough my rose colored glassesJitter Bug99¢ specialTending the land
Masks #20"Death" in a Dinghyself definedMiles AwayMasks #19Looking up
Ghost of TreeNight TrainTidal Pool, St. Bees, Cumbria•Singing for Supper•Blending in


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9 Responses to Combo Apps/Coming Soon Repix

  1. tenorsoul says:

    thank you! when will it be released?

  2. Pingback: Preview : Repix, réinterprète le réel | i comme photo

  3. clocki says:

    Hi cool blog!! do you have any news about this app?

  4. optikal says:

    Looking for info on this app i found your website the repix advertisment said soon or coming soon from like a month ago do you know if they already send the app to apple or they are still coding the app?
    btw your blog is interesting thanx in advanced

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Yes, I’ve been told in less than a week. Repix will be sent into Apple for approval and in the store. I will write about this app as soon as I get the ok. I have the final beta format version of Repix. The developers wanted me to play with the app and post my edits for now. The developers only seem to care about what I have to write about and how I’ll edit with Repix.

  5. Isaac says:

    Whoa, so the wait begins for clearance.

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