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Peering Into The Mind

Ok, I’m going to show you my style of Rollage with a Tina Rice twist. Rollage is an app inspired by artist Jiri Kolar. Jiri is known for his poetry and visual works. If Jiri was alive today, he would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year. Rollage is *FREE* at the App Store and universal to the iPad. You can pay $.99 (in-app purchase) to open up more pattern templates. I did buy the in-app purchase to open up the app more. It’s worth it considering the app saves at high res, FREE to begin with and universal to the iPad. The top photo was taken with Hueless and edited with Rollage, Focal Lab, Photo Forge 2. I had to add some kind of pigment/color to the Hueless photo because most seem to crash when you open a photo taken with Hueless. The reason is Hueless is a one channel black and white app, when most apps recognize three channel color apps. This discovery was made by Marcin Jachmann developer of Tangled FX. I’m hoping that other app developer will fix this problem because I like taking photos with Hueless. This photo was edited with my iPad.

Demo Edit 1
Demo Edit 2

These are the two photos I’ll be using for the demo with Rollage. Top photo was edited with NIR Color, Simply HDR and DXP. The bottom photo was edited with Elasticam, Dynamic Light and DXP.

Camera Roll-3344

Let’s get started with Rollage, this is the layout of the app. It’s pretty self explanatory. If you’re still not sure how the app operates, you can tap on the gear button and scroll down to the help section. Ok, lets tap on the “create” button.

Camera Roll-3345

Now we are going to create our Rollage edit, by either taking a photo or loading from our photo albums. You can see the two button in the photo box. The other button are for after your load your photo and you need to adjust your photos. After you figure what photos you’re going to use or did your adjustments, then tap on “Create Rollage”.

Camera Roll-3350

This is the default Rollage edit after you’re done loading your photos. If you noticed the three patters that are locked down below, this is where you can pay to unlock the patterns. I wanted to add if you wanted to do vertical photos. You will have to do the following in order to make verticals work in this app. Save the 2 vertical photos in landscape/horizontal mode because if you have the verticals in portrait mode. The photos will automatically crop into square format ratio or 1:1. This is an extra step and a pain in the butt. Now if you don’t like doing these extra steps in turning your verticals into horizontals then write a review in the app store or contact the developer, make a suggestion that you would like a vertical ratio update.

Camera Roll-3358

If you’re unsure about the function of the buttons just tap on the “?” button and this will appear on the screen.

Camera Roll-3351

After I’m done picking my pattern, I will tap on the “Choose Filter” button.

Camera Roll-3352

There are 7 different filter to choose from, I like to pick the third or fourth filter. The slider bar is for opacity or intensity of how much filtration you want to apply to your Rollage Image. After you pick your filter, you can tap on the “Save” button on the top right hand corner.

Camera Roll-3353
Camera Roll-3354

Now you have your choices of sharing and/or saving your photo. You can load them up to the normal share sites or save on your camera roll. Now you see where it says “When saving to Camera Roll, “LARGE” is always used.” So you don’t have to put it on “LARGE” for high-res printing, but I do it anyways out of habit. Now the res is only 2592×1944 which is 5 MP and not 8 MP, even at 5 MP that’s still great !!!

Final Edit

Here’s my final edit after I run it through Photo Forge 2 for final touches. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me You can get Rollage and most of the app I used on the iPad, some of the iPad versions of the apps may have different names or have HD version.

soleil couchantMasks #15Planting silhouettesFly-by-Night Hotelthe decim8ed self: Wednesdaydestination unknown
59Standing Tall365 days of Grace 150 of 365Quite light on his feet. #levitation #doctorjazz #iphone4 #juxtaposer #photocruncher #unitedbyedit #dogs #springers #springerspaniels #touchretouch #anticropBlue morning.  #doctorjazz #iphone5 #glazeapp #imageblender #moderngrunge #snapseed #selfie #sp #selfportrait #ig_artgallery #igsomniacs #unitedbyedit #mobileartistry #mobileartistry_ampt #photocruncher #amselcom #ink361 #sundayblueseditBlue church (reflected light is still light). #sundaybluesedit #sbe_shadows #doctorjazz #iphone5 #glazeapp #hipstaedit #snapseed #psexpress #ig_artgallery #igsomniacs #wearejuxt #ink361 #amselcom #photocruncher
Touchdown!  #doctorjazz #iphone5 #heyfred_shootwhateveryouwantaslongasitsred #heyfred_lookatthissubtle divisionsThe Mouth of The River Esk, Ravenglass, Cumbriai365 - Feb.28Waiting on a friend
Rainy dotsMasks #14ponte dei sospiriElectro Pop 2.27.13depth of framePrecious Moments

Tangled and Sliced


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9 Responses to Combo Apps/Rollage

  1. tenorsoul says:

    I was about to throw rollage from my iphone because I didn’t use for times. I guess I’ll give it a second chance. Thank you!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I have the app on my iPad and took it off my iPhone. I had to reinstall the app on my iPhone for the blog. It’s one if those things, everything is better and easier to edit on an iPad.

  2. Kate says:

    Roll age is one of the apps I use the most along with Percolator and Decim8. I’ve gotten some great effects. I am wondering if anyone knows of an app that will change the resolution of an image. I’m an amateur on the tech stuff-I’m trying to get a 300 dpi for print purposes. Currently I’m using Gimp for this but it would sure be handy to do it all on the iPad. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Kate I’m going to email some info for you this weekend. Hopefully this will help you and whatever else you need.

      • meri says:

        Not an app, Tina, but a free program you can download for the Mac called Smilla Enlarger is very useful for upsizing images for printing. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (a low res save) but it can help enhance a good image so it prints well larger. I don’t know what you can use on a PC. I left mine in the dust about 3 years ago now…

  3. meri says:

    You’ve made this so clear, Tina! Thank you! I wasn’t going to even give this app the time of day. Getting it now. The developer should give you a prize….!!

  4. Kim says:

    I found your website by accident and I’m so glad I did! I downloaded Art Tree awhile ago but then saw your tutorial of it and it inspired me to use it again along with some of the other apps you suggested for more creativity. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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