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Tour Trolley

Today’s blog is going to be short, I’m going to talk about the edits I’ve done with my iPad. About a week ago I finally bought an iPad 4, white (match my iPhone) and 64 gig. I was going to wait and order the new 128 gig but I decided to just buying a 64 instead. The reason is I’m not loading music on my iPad. It’s for photo editing and playing games. I was suckered to download the game Infinity Blade since it was App Of The Week. I’m a sucker for RPG (roll playing games). The photo up above is taken with my iPhone 4S with Pro Camera and edited with iDarkroom HD. It was my first real edit with my iPad.

Pushing Trolley

The next photo is what I’m know for, Pushing Stars. It’s really nice to be able to do this on an iPad because I can control Rays a lot easier and see where I can place the tiny circle on the photo. I’ll probably will be do more Pushing Stars edit and much more with it. The stars come from Percolator.

Psychotic Twist

The next edit is about distortion, I plan to write about how I’ve been using distortion from Photoshop Express and other apps that distort photos. I’ll go into details of how to make them look smooth and not over distorted so it flows evenly. With the iPad it makes even easier to control the distortions, I’m hoping I can make Twist Cam to work for me. It’s one of those few apps that give me trouble or I’m not happy with the results.

Peering Into The Mind

The last photo posted up in the blog is about using Rollage. I’ll show you how I did this edit and using black and white photos from Hueless and adding just the right amount colors to make that photo POP !!!

If you have any questions, please leave comments or email me See you next week…please check out the Combo Apps Flick Group.

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