Hueless For 30 Days

Hueless Demo 1

Hueless: Now I owe the developer a huge blog post and a very late month project post. First off I want to thank the developer for giving me a promo code for his app. Let me talk about this app before I go into in-depth details, this is one of my favourite black and white camera apps. I’ll tell you why it’s my fave and what I love about it. Hueless reminds me of using my Canon AE-1 35mm film days. Back when I used Kodak Tri-x and Ilford HP5 black and white 400 speed film. I would also use a yellow and red filter on my lens for shooting. I was into trying to get really white/whites and black/blacks using these filters and making contrasty detailed negatives to print and enlarge later. That’s what this app reminds me of, the photo classes and those black and white film/darkroom days.

Camera Roll-3264

Now after you load this app this is what it will look like, you can hide the buttons on the left hand side by tapping on the “H” button. I like to keep the buttons and grid on when I take photos. What I love about this app is that it’s always in black and white mode, so what you see is what you get. A lot of times when you take photos in color they seem to look totally different after converted to black and white, they sometimes seem off or just not as great of you perceived them in your mind.

Camera Roll-3265

Color Filters are for adding details and contrast to your photos. What they do is block certain colors depending what color filter you choose. I like to use mostly red and yellow to bring out sky details and get nice contrasty looking photos. Green is best for shooting portraits, to soften or give the person even skin tones. Orange is great for bringing out nice mellow mid tones, if you want an even look to your photos. Blue is considered a Tungsten type filter to block out yellow. It’s also to correct all light sources, natural or artificial, have characteristics that affect color rendition on film. It’s also to correct the yellowish photos that are taken with incandescent indoor lighting.

Camera Roll-3266

Now I’m going to skip on down to exposure button. What’s nice about black and white is the forgiveness of exposures, contrast and details. You can get away with a lot of under or over exposed black and white shooting because color is not a factor. You don’t have to worry about proper exposure of colors, as long as you get the details in your photos. What you’re looking for are black shadow details and white highlight details. Those are the 2 most important things you need to know about photography. A lot of people have told me that black and white photography is hard to do than color, but in reality it’s much easier. All you need to to worry about forms/shapes, composition, negative/positive space and exposure. It’s a lot harder to shoot in color than black and white because our eyes are very bias and constantly color corrects with our brains.

Camera Roll-3267

Brightness and Darkness slider is the easy version of exposure. You can slide left to right or right to left for simple exposure adjustments.

Camera Roll-3274

You can also convert your color photos in your camera roll into black and white photos. Which is nice because some people perfer to convert the photos rather then take them. One correction: Hueless does not currently support post-processing images. It is strictly a camera app.

Hueless Demo 2
Hueless Demo 3
Hueless Demo 4

Here are three samples shots I took with Hueless. I wanted to add if you’re just starting out taking black and white photos. Pick simple subjects with not lots of details in them, like these branches or buildings and simple landscapes. The key to black and white is composition and shapes/forms. It’s about light and dark and how they work together.

Hueless is one of the few true black and white camera app in the App Store for $1.99. If you love black and white photographer or just want to practice taking black and white photos, this is the app to get. It’s very simple to operate (nice user interface) and lots of room for forgiveness like true black and white film photography. I wanted to add that the developers are working on a new app called Huemore. Ill be on the look out when this app comes out. I’m sure this app will be just as impressive as Hueless and something you and I will want to app to our app collection. If you want you can click on the bottom and check out what I shot with Hueless down below. If you have an questions please leave comments or email me

Hueless 1/30Camera Roll-2019Camera Roll-2005Camera Roll-1971Camera Roll-1968Camera Roll-1966
Camera Roll-1959Camera Roll-1950Camera Roll-1949Camera Roll-1948Camera Roll-1874Camera Roll-1871
Camera Roll-1759Camera Roll-1757Camera Roll-1756Camera Roll-1624Camera Roll-1622Camera Roll-1584
Camera Roll-1523Camera Roll-1367Camera Roll-1347Camera Roll-1328Camera Roll-1297Camera Roll-1294

Hueless For 30 Days, a set on Flickr.


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2 Responses to Hueless For 30 Days

  1. edgarhm5 says:

    Hi, I´m mexican and i use only apps for iphone, after to read yours post i think that you can write if the app it´s free or how much it cost.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Well I post when apps are free on Instagram and that’s @combo_apps. Follow me there and check it out or you can get an app called App Shopper, which is free. App Shoppers will tell when Apps are free, go on sale and/or updated. I don’t like to post when Apps are free on my the blogs because most of the time it’s limited to 1DAY !!! That can be a waste of time because of all the different time zones. You can also follow Life in Lofi. Marty will post apps on sale and/or when they go FREE.

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