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Fractalius Cemetery & Trees-1

Today I’m going to talk about an app I’ve been looking for a long time to replace my love for Fractaluis. It’s called Tangled FX by Orange Qube. Up above is a photo edited by the plugin Fractalius developed by Redfield. The only app at the time that came close to Fractalius in mobile editing was ShockMyPic by GOST Software. ShockMyPic is still a great app for doing crazy outlines blending.

Camera Roll-3186
Camera Roll-3187

Now let’s talk about the Tangled FX app, you can pick up this app for $1.99 at the App Store. The app is universal to the iPad, so it’s worth the $1.99. After the app is loaded you will noticed the previous photo I was using for sample editing, posted on Instagram and EyeEm. Tangled FX is a very intuitive with a very easy to use UI (user interface).

Camera Roll-3188

When you tap on the “gear” button you will get these options, it’s important to do the setting with the app first before you play and edit your photos.

Camera Roll-3189

Tap on the “i” button and you can get info about the app and contact the developer too.

Camera Roll-3190

Now let’s get started with editing your photo but tapping the “arrow box” button, I’m going to tap on the “Open Photos” button. I’m going to pick a photo I already took in my camera roll.

Camera Roll-3191

My photo is loaded up and the default setting has begun with the app. I’m going to tap on the “TUNE” button and show the manual controls.

Camera Roll-3192
Camera Roll-3193

There are 8 different sliders with 3 sub-sliders and one button. This is how you manual control your edits to your liking…it’s fun to play. I also wanted to mention a top slider called “Effect scale factor.” It way up on the top so I missed the slider. This slider does determined on the detail scale of your photo while editing.

Camera Roll-3194

Tap on “Dark” and get dark lines instead of light lines.

Camera Roll-3195
Camera Roll-3196

Now you can save, share and send you photo to another app to be edited. I will warn you if you do send your photo to another app to be edited there rather than saving. Your photo will be transferred at a lower resolution 2592×1944 which is iPhone 4 standard res. I have a 4S so I prefer the 8MP res. Make sure you tap on the preview res button on top so you know your saving at high res. I’ve found out if you transfer the photo to Camera+. Your photo will transfer to full resolution. I didn’t know that because I don’t use Camera+. Thanks to the developer to clarify that with me…no pun on the “Clarify” LOL !!!

Camera Roll-3197
Camera Roll-3198

Now let’s talk about the resolution settings, remember I told you to make sure you set your resolution first before you edit your photo. It’s really important. You will know by the preview res on the top middle of the screen. It will also take longer to process your photo, so make sure you turn off your other app in the background (prevents from app crashing in the middle of processing) and have lots of battery power. Tangled FX does take a lot of processing, especially at high resolution.

Tangled FX Demo

Here’s my edited saved photo from Tangled FX.

Demo Edit for Comdo Apps

This is my edited photo transferred to Rainy Daze and saved. Then loaded onto FX Photo Studio and blended and layered with DXP. What I like the most about Tangled FX is you can do really crazy looking outlines with an electric looking effect to your photo editing. If you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you next week…check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below.

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14 Responses to Combo Apps/Tangled FX

  1. mikro says:

    Thanks for the great review. Not too sure I like this app though, to each their own.

  2. regibak says:

    Thanks so much for reviewing this app. I’ve really been looking to try it but I do have ‘Shock my Pic’ too, which I do love but I think the resolution seems to be higher here! Looks great, the editing by the way. Keep up the great tutorials. I’ve learned much!

  3. Chris says:

    This app is so cool and you do a great job with it. You’re creativeness is amazing. I love your blog and all the information that you share. It is very informative and helpful. Thank you Tina!!

  4. T.J. says:

    I would love one of the codes


  5. Rudy Lavida says:

    Thanks for the review, I want one of those offer code.

  6. Isaac says:

    I just saw the repost on Instagram; hope the promo code’s still available.

  7. Susanne Oakley says:

    I find it very confusing with all the options to choose from. I was experimenting and my photo was really bad but I could not figure how to clear it to start over or remove some of the more extreme apps . So I tried loading a new photo and it came up with all these extreme apps I didn’t want. I was trying to get a very subtle effect, not the bizarre effect ended up with! I don’t think it is very user friendly and cannot find instructions on how to use it!

  8. Pingback: Combo Apps/Tangled FX Update 2.0 | COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

  9. chad M says:

    Will this app ever be available for android? If not is there anything close to it??

    • ashcroft54 says:

      No and nothing like it on Android. If you want these apps, I recommend investing in an iPad Mini. I even wrote an article why developers will not make apps for Android.

  10. Rene Guity says:

    Do you have an email address I can email you directly? I have a few questions that I think you can help with.

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