Combo Apps/Night and Galaxy Mixtures

Demo Blog Pic

Let’s talk about crazy night and galaxy mixtures of two apps, Galaxy Pic and Night FX. Both apps are cool if you’re into making fake night starry skies and fake galaxies. Which I’m always a fan of making my photos look like the are from outer space, like the demo photo up above.

Camera Roll-3145

We will start with Galaxy Pic first. You can buy the app for $.99 at the App Store. After the app is loaded you start with taking a picture with the camera or load a photo from your photo library. You also noticed on the bottom of the screen there is an option for original or 1:1 ratio. You can pick which ratio you want to edit by switching on/off toggle switch.

Camera Roll-3146
Camera Roll-3147
Camera Roll-3148
Camera Roll-3149
Camera Roll-3150
Camera Roll-3151

Now those are all of the different edit options you have the choose from, lots of different choices.

Camera Roll-3152

After you pick your edit, you can use the opacity slider to decided how intense you want your galaxy to look.

Camera Roll-3153

Now if you tap on the arrow button you have your choices to share or save your photo.

Camera Roll-3154
Demo Galaxy Pic

When you tap on the ect button it will take you to upload your photo to link with another app if you want to keep on editing your photo instead of tapping on the album button to save your photo.

Camera Roll-3156
Demo Galaxy Pic

You can also move the galaxy layer around your photo to pick a different spot. Sometimes you don’t always want it to be centered, you might want it to the right or left and up or down. Which is a really nice feature on this app. Galaxy Pic only saves at 1200×1600 which is 2 megapixles.

Camera Roll-3159
Camera Roll-3160

The next app I wanted to talk about is Night FX. You can purchase the app for $.99 at the App Store. I tapped on the menu button. I wanted to show you that if you didn’t know how to operate the app right away. You can refer to the tutorials. Tap on the film button on the left side if you want to load from your photo library on your iPhone.

Camera Roll-3161

After you load your photo you pick the night scene you want by scrolling up or down with your finger. There are 10 different night options, Original, Night, Full Moon, New Moon, Faded Night, Dawn, Magic Hour, City Light, Moonlight and Eclipse. You can also adjust your night scene by using the slider to control the opacity.

Camera Roll-3162

Now we pick our stars, nebulas, lights and/or planets. There are 30 different effects to choose from, which is cool.

Camera Roll-3163

Next is trying to find how you want your night sky to fade and give it that nature look to your photo. After all you’re faking the night sky, so you want a drop off the skyline and try to look as natural as possible.

Camera Roll-3165

This is a very cool feature. You can erase the masking layer used on top photo, this is how you make the night sky look more realistic and in the background. You can use the slider on the erasing masking. I erased all of the layer mask of stars on top of the building, to give it that realistic look.

Camera Roll-3166

If you want to add more layer effect, just tap on Add effect or save your photo. The app saves at whatever the resolution of the photo your editing, so if you’re using a low res photo it will save low and the same with high resolution.

Night FX Demo

This is my fake star lit night sky, if you have any questions just leave comments or email me Please check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below, check out the group pool and other artists on display. See you soon…

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  1. Tomy says:

    I was always curious about how did u edit that great outer space edits!! Thx for sharing your techniques dear Tina! Amazing work!

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