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A week ago I got an email from a fellow blogger name Hannah Howard, she sent me a link of the “Top 10 iPhone Apps For Editing Photos.” It’s a very great read if you’re starting out with iPhone editing. These are the most popular apps on the market but I wanted to make my own version of my favorite editing apps. When I was doing the Guest Blogger Series I always asked; “What are your top 10 apps you use the most ?” Today I’m going to talk about top 10 apps I use the most, since you’re all are probably wondering and curious with what apps I use the most.

Pro Camera Demo

Pro Camera is my most used camera shooting app. I use Pro Camera for about 90% of my shooting for editing later photos. The reason why I use Pro Camera is simple. It’s the most reliable camera app on the market today. It’s the only app that rarely crashes on me. Yes the app is $2.99 and even I gave into the price. What convinced me to buy the app was a video demo on You Tube about Pro Camera 3.0. The funny story is I bought the app and didn’t use it for awhile. It kind of just sat because I was into taking square photos because of Instagram and the square format sharing. I call this app the Canon G series of iPhoneography. The photo up above was taken with Pro Camera.

Camera Roll-3107

Dynamic Light is an app I use a lot for bringing out details and colours in a photo. I will always use this app for part of my editing combo. It’s the best for tone mapping your photos to give them that HDR look.

DXP Demo

DXP (Double Exposure) is another app I used for mostly blending and layering. It’s quick and very easy to use. The blending I use the most are Difference and Exclusion. I will use the other types like Hardlight, Softlight Overlay and Multiply. It just depends on the style I’m looking for when I’m blending layers together. I like to use this also when I know all the layers are at the same resolution when blending layers. If you have one low res layer when using this app. You image will save at low res…

PS Express Demo

Photoshop Express or PS Express is the next app I will use for editing. It has two things I love to use. One is the the noise reduction and sharpen. The second is the effect editing with distortion. I’ve been suing this app for a lot of my distorted editing I’ve been posting lately. It’s also how I make my Crispy Black and Whites so smooth and crispy.

Percolator Demo

Percolator is one of my favorite art apps for editing. My fave is Full of Stars. It best well known for my Pushing Stars Series. You can check out the slide show on You Tube.

Rays Demo

Rays is another app I will use for blurring or making streaks/streams (fake high density) look to my photo editing. It give editing a 3D look to them. It’s my secret weapon to give my editing that extra boost.

Lens Flare, Lens Light and Alien Sky Demo

Lens Light, Lens Flare and Alien Sky are another type of app I like to use for editing. What I love are the light effects and outer space style of editing that can be achieved with these apps. You can make your photos have that magical fantasy to the uber surreal. It’s my go to app for making my photos look like from another world.

FX Photo Studio Demo

FX Photo Studio is another app I really like to use for it’s versatility styles of editing choices. The edits I use the most are Fantasy Color and Symmetry. It’s great for making layers to use for blending later on down the road. It gives photos a certain style I’m not always looking for or great happy accidents. This app always seems to surprise me, which is something I don’t always expect. Whether you’re starting out in mobile editing to the advance mobile editor. It’s an app you should have in your collection.

Pic Boost Demo

Pic Boost which was called Pic Tools is another app I will use for Overlays and Squaring my photos to post on Instagram. It’s a great, simple to use and all around great quick editing app. It’s $1.99, does more than the average app and a hidden gem.

Pic Frame Demo

Pic Frame is my go to for framing, collaging and boosting pixel for my photo editing needs. This is the app I use to post my blogs for Instagram and everywhere else. I use it to boost low res photos for blending and layering too. It’s has great fonts, high resolution saves and universal to the iPad. This is one of my favorite collage apps.

Now these are the apps I use the most for my editing, this will probably change over time because of new app constantly coming out. You don’t have to have these apps for your iPhone. That’s why I like to know what other people like to use to edit their photos. Everybody is different, eventually you will come up with your own editing style. These app are for my style of editing, you might like Camera+, Snapseed or Diptic better and that’s ok. I even use those apps once in while too. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what apps you need to edit with and how to edit. It’s fine to read about other artist and how they edit, just don’t let it be the only way you will edit your photos. There are 100 ways to do the same thing on Photoshop, just like there are with Mobile Editing. Always remember to edit from the heart and gut…that will always show in your art work…

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Through the AlleywayStanding By Light at the end of the tunnelForget Me Notiphone 5 - 2013 - image 0120
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3 Responses to Combo Apps/My Top 10 Apps

  1. Tomy says:

    Great article Tina! It’s very inspiring to read about what u use to get your amazing edits! I have most of your 10 apps and I ll give a try on several if them that I don’t use very often or never. In my case I tend to use just few apps! Thx for sharing!! Tomy

  2. Mbdeal says:


  3. I love all of the above and plenty more, but I really enjoy hearing your take on these apps as well… I have always been particularly fond of your use of the percolator app in conjunction with the Rays app… Some of those results have been truly amazing! 🙂 cheers!

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