Combo Apps/Been Sick

Sorry Everyone for not posting but I have been sick and caught a really bad fly. This flu has kicked my ass big time. Not only that but it’s has sucked away my inspiration of taking/editing photos and playing with my new toy. Yes, I’ve bought a Nexus 7 and been shopping on Google Play. What I find interesting is Apple really does have a niche with photo/art apps. It’s been a lot of searching this past weekend for apps and trying to learn the Droid learning curve.

Droid is very different from iPhone, it’s refreshing to start over again. What I’m hoping in the future that the app developers will read my blog posts. Hopefully after you ready blog posts, that the developers will see there is another market besides Apple. I’ve Google searched a ton of apps. So far what I come across are people who want to edit on their Droid Devices. My friend Victoria said she would like to know if they’re other great photo apps out there. It would be great if there was, so I’m on a mission to find editing Droid apps. I’m hoping that people will come forward and help me out on my quest.

It’s not all about iPhoneography. It’s becoming more and more Mobileography…

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