Combo Apps/Artree and Beyond

Artree Demo Collage 2

Artree is an app I actually picked today because of a site, so I’m going to blog about this simple app and show you what I did it (as shown up above). Some people were saying they get board of the app, well hopefully after this blog post you will want to buy the app at the App Store for $.99 for both iPhone/iPad and Artree for iPad for $1.99. Let me show the screen shots with this app for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad…

Camera Roll-3006
Camera Roll-3007

As you can see after you press start you will get a simple tree growing on your iPhone Screen and you will see three buttons on the bottom of the screen. The swirl button is for restarting a new tree to grow.

Camera Roll-3008
Camera Roll-3009
Camera Roll-3010
Camera Roll-3011

Now when you tap on the tree leaf button you will get an option to choose the setting on the look of you tree as it grows. There is music to listen to while your tree is growing, if you choose to listen to it. It’s very relaxing and very enchanting.

Camera Roll-3012

The flower button is for saving your photos after you get the perfect growth of your tree. I do send my photo via email to save at 1600×1600 resolution. The photos are emailed as square format.

Artree Demo Collage

Now I made a collage to show you what I did next with my Artrees. I blended and layered them together with DXP using Difference.

Artree with PicFX

Then I took my blended trees and uploaded them on PicFX

Artree and Hipsta Hipster Cam

Another collage and edited with Hipsta Hipster Cam

Artree with Color Thief

Artree edited with Color Thief

Artree and Distressed FX

Artree edited with Distressed FX

Artree and Gelo

Artree edited with Gelo

Artree and Foolproof

Artree edited with FoolProof

Artree and Sunken World

Artree edited with Sunken World

Artree and IllumiCamera

Artree edited with IllumiCamera

If you have any questions about this blog post you can leave comments or email…have a good day and see you next week.

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