Combo Apps/ArcConstruks Challenge Winners


Happy New Year !!! I wanted to kick off the New Year with a winners from the ArcConstrukts Challenge. The challenge was to use the ArcMachines App in a creative way for editing their photos. The winners would receive a promo code for ArcConstrukts App. I picked 3 winners Joseph Kim, Jackie Farrell and Deborah Palotas. Now before I get started with the blog post, I wanted to thanks Mansi Bhatia for posting her photo on Instagram. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be blogging about this app and talking to the developer, Jason M (@ocodo).

Joseph Kim and his entries, let’s talk about them a little bit. What I love is how simple his edit are executed and simply displayed. It’s very eye catching and draws you into the photos. The arcs fits perfectly well with Chicago’s Architecture, so impressive. Joseph Kim says: “All photos were shot and edited on an iPad 3rd generation. I like to take pictures and edit on the go, so I used Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad to edit these photos.”

Joseph Kim 1

From the ArcMachines App, I took two separate arcs, making one smaller than the other, and layered them together. I colored one arc with an old photo I took of the beach to give it a distinct texture you don’t normally see with the ocodoarcmachines. Then I layered the arcs into a photo I took of Chicago and performed a layer mask to give the effect that the arc was behind the buildings. Then adjusted the color curves to my liking.

Joseph Kim 2

I used the Rainbow Arcs for my photo of the Marina City Towers. For the 3D illusion I used the warp tool to angle the arcs in a specific way then performed a layer mask to give the effect that the arcs were wrapping around the towers. Lastly, I added two different Mextures layers and adjusted the curves to my liking. When uploaded to Instagram, I added the X-Pro filter to the photo.

Joseph Kim 3

I used the same technique from the previous photo in this last photo except no Mextures layers were used in this one. In Instagram, I didn’t use a filter but added the “Lux” effect to the photo that gave it a sort of HDR effect.

Next is Jackie Farrell, you should all remember for being a Guest Blogger. Jackie’s work is very creative and out there, which I love immensely. She has broken down how she did her editing for the challenge. Jackie says: “I was given the challenge by @combo_apps and @ocodo on Instagram as one of her followers to use this app and come up with creative uses! Though there were very many amazing creations submitted to the challenge, I am honored to share with you my humble creation and how I saw uses of this circle creating app!”

First I started by downloading the app called Arc Machines. Its the lite version of the more complex Arc Construkts. So upon opening the app you are given several choices of circular options and colors, here I tried out several if not all and captured a few inspiring arcs and saved them to my album.

So I starred at these circles in my album for a couple of hours, maybe days, until something recognizable as inspiration found its outlet!

First I started with an arc made from the rainbow option PIC 1

Next I took my circles into droste effect app and played around with all the settings till I achieved a look that I was happy with!
These are the settings:

Strands: -3
Periods: +3
Transparency: OFF
InnerR: 8
OuterR: 100
Zoom: 1
Rotate: 180
XShift: 0
YShift: 0
XCenter: 3
YCenter: 12

See Pic 2

The drosteeffect app is very powerful if you experiment with the sliders and get to know exactly how they interact with each individual image…its amazing the effects you can achieve and the different looks that can be hidden within!

I then bring the saved image over to the app called Paintfx and applied the Astro Dark filter all over Pic #3

Next up is one of my favourites, Juxtaposer! There I applied the Mask cutout of my choice! Pic #4

Back over to Paint Fx to tone down the overall look and create some shadowing and to apply the water drops. When applying these types of effects, I like to apply a few overall water drops, then choose a filter over them and then go back and add more water drops to create more depth to the edit
Pic #5

Final Pic #6

Jackie 3

The Three edits were created with the same steps performed slightly differently!

Jackie 1
Jackie Farrell 1

Jackie 2
Jackie Farrell 2

Deborah Palotas only did one entry but it’s my favorite. She did an amazing entry and told me this is one of her favorite edits.

Deborah Palotas 1
Deborah Palotas 2

I started with a base black and white image of me. I used the Monolith and the ocodo arcs from ArcMahines. I blended them using photo wizard. I used juxtaposer to erase some of the ocodo arcs.

Deborah Palotas 3
Deborah Palotas 4

I decided to add some trees and bridges (on top of my head and into my nose) using wowfx and applied one of their filters before saving it. It still needed something in my opinion so I used photo wizard for symmetry.

Deborah Palotas 5

At this point it suddenly hit me. I have ADD…and the trees reminded me of a Dutch saying. Leeping from one branch to another. Roughly translated: your thoughts are all over the place…people can’t keep up with what you are saying.

Deborah Palotas 6

I added the people on the bridge and the decoration next to the bridge by using artstudio. They represent all kind of thoughts walking trough my head with different emotions.

Deborah Palotas Final Edit

And last but not least…I changed the color…and I’m really sorry but I can’t remember which app I used for that. That’s it! -x- Deborah

Now that you’ve read about the winners and their edits go and pick up ArcMachines which is FREE at the App Store and have some fun !!! You can also pick up ArcConstrukts for $1.99 at the App Store too. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me

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  1. blaquira says:

    Thanks again for this awesome challenge! It gave me one of my fav edits.
    Awesome edits everybody!! Congrats on winning the challenge. xo Deborah.

  2. abru ladders says:

    Your mode of describing everything in this post
    is in fact pleasant, all be able to simply be aware of it,
    Thanks a lot.

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