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Well I wanted to talk about a nifty gadget called a Lens Dial by for your iPhone 4/4S only. No they don’t make it for the iPhone 5 but I’m sure they will make one over time. The company (iBoolo) is in China because the website is all in Chinese and you can translate it in English. If you want to spend the money at *Photojojo!* for $249 which is really pricey for what it is…so I will show you the same thing off Amazon for $50 below.


Here is my Lens Dial (up above) I got from Amazon for $50, now the only difference is the frame is rubberized plastic instead of metal.There is an OEM product of the same lens dial for $80 to $95 on Amazon and has a metal case. I’m not going to complain because I think the metal case would be heavier and will scratch up your iPhone over time (from sliding off and on). Just like the what the iFotorapher shows on the You Tube video up above. I’m not going to speand $249 on something that will ruin my iPhone over time. Now even with the rubberized plastic case version, I noticed this will peel off your screen protector on the sides. So if you plan to buy the Lens Dial and use it a lot, make sure that you’re using it for a long period of time before you pull the case off and on. It gets costly replacing your screen protector on your iPhone.

Photo Blog Demo

Now when I opened the box and took out my lens dial, I had to tighten the dial and lenses up a bit. Make sure you tighten everything before you put the case on your phone first, I like to be safe than sorry. Keep the lens covers on the dial too when you place the case on over your iPhone. You will have to unscrew the lens dial with a penny or screwdriver. After you loosen the screw and pull the case apart, make sure you pop the screw off completely. Don’t worry about stripping the screw from the rubberized plastic case. When your screw down the case together, the threads are metal so you don’t have to worry about the screw stripping over time. Even when you put on the case itself, it really sturdy and stays together. The screw is an added protection to keep the case from falling apart on you.

Hipstamatic Telephoto Collage

Telephoto Collage, shot with Hipstamatic (Jane Lens and D-Type Plate Film) and collage with Pic Frame.

Hipstamatic Fisheye Collage

Fisheye Collage, shot with Hipstamatic (Jane Lens and D-Typle Plate Film – Lucifer VI Lens and Claunch 72 Monochrome Film) and collage with Pic Frame.

Wide Angle Collage

Wide Angle Collage, shot with Hueless and Hipstamatic (Jane Lens and D-Type Plate Film) and collage with Pic Frame.

Overall this product is great and highly recommended for taking square (1:1) photos vs. rectangle ratio (2:3 and/or 4:3) photos because of the black edges. I mostly took telephoto shots with the Hipstamatic app. You can use other square photo apps like Qbro, Squara, Instant 110, Vintique, Leme Cam, Magic Hour, 6×6 and ect…which is great for Instagram or great artsy photos. Now if you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me See you next year…

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  3. Hipster Camera says:

    Our app, Hipsta Hipster Cam creates similar funky photo effects, but all in the app without the use of external hardware for the iPhone camera

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’m sure that can do a lot of things a lens can do but some of us prefer to use a lens over an app. There are other apps that do the same effect as Hipsta Hipster Cam does. I’m surprised Hipstamatic hasn’t sued that app company for using a like name…

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