Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Lucy Probst

Lucy Probst Collage 1

Lucy is part 2 of this months and end of the Guest Blogger series for 2012. I wanted to do something special since her and Tomy are my favorite Latin IGers. I would say they are the voice of of the Latin Artists community on Instagram. Her work always amazes me with such color, abstraction and well edited photos. I recommend you do stop by and check out her feed. You will not be disappointed…enjoy the blog and read all about Lucy.

My name is Lucy Probst. I was born in Mexico and I’ve been living in Phoenix, Arizona for 13 years. My username on Instagram is @avechucha (also on Tumblr and KiK), which is a nickname by husband gave me. It means something like “strange bird”. I majored in Biochemistry, with a minor in Food Technology. I love design and interior decoration and manual crafts like painting and scrapbooking, which is one of the reasons I love Instragram. For privacy reasons I stopped posting personal photos and instead I turned it into a creative experiment that relaxes and entertains me. I have a 9-year old daughter, Vivian, and a 3-year old son, Viktor, so it’s not easy to spend a lot of time working with photographs but I’ve learned to edit and make the most out of each image.

1. What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?

1.- Camera+
2.- PEFotorl
3.- XnviewFx
4.- Snapseed
5.- Superimpose
6.- FrameMagic
7.- KaleidaCam
8.- iColoramaS
9.- Magic Hour
10.- This space is reserved for new apps I find or people recommend !!!

2. Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them?

Generally not, but normally I edit doing other things, like cooking, watching TV or waiting for my kids to come out of school.

3. Who are your influences?

I get inspired fairly easily and I try to learn from everyone; there are many IGers I admire for their creativity, or for being constant in their style, which is something I usually can’t do since I love experimenting so much.

4. Where do you photograph?

I started at home, but now pretty much anywhere. I love taking photos of everything, especially landscapes, clouds and birds. I like to photograph because I like to share what I see, but I’ve learned that almost anything can be made interesting and beautiful with the help of apps.

5. While editing what goes through your mind ?

I think about many things and sometimes I get distracted, but generally I manage to concentrate and forget about them. I have to be practical and efficient and make good use of my time.

6. Anything else you would like to add about yourself and life.

Since I’ve been using my iPhone I’ve learned to appreciate details a lot more, I’ve become more observant and tend to look up at the sky a lot more!


Lucy Probst 1

Flowpaper, iColoramaS, XnviewFx, Snapseed, and Filtermania2

Lucy Probst 2

Decim8 in random mode. I do this all the time, letting the app do most of the work.

Lucy Probest 3

This is GridFilter 3D Photo, Lenslight, Snapseed, Pixlromatic, Superimpose and iWaterMark. The actual photo is a sphere, which can be reused as a mask.

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8 Responses to Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Lucy Probst

  1. Love the big bold use of color.

    Also wondering how you create the montages with the gorgeous drop shadows? Is there an app that does this?

    Thanks … MomentsForZen

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I’m guessing the app Lucy uses is Magic Frame because its one of her top 10 apps she uses. I use Pic Frame a lot for text and collaging. But I have been using Collage Frames Shuffle for more than 9 photo collaging.

  2. rjllane says:

    Love the use of big bold colors.

    Also wondering how you create the montages with gorgeous drop shadows? Is there an app that can do this?


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  5. rjllane says:

    Thanks ashcroft54. I think that you are right – the Frame Magic app description on the App Store mentions drop shadows as an option. To my knowledge, none of the other collage apps offers this function. Do you know otherwise?

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