Combo Apps/ All about Glaze

Me and Picasso

Glaze is the best painting app I’ve seen and used so far, even before the new improved update. How I discovered Glaze was a guy name Joel Aversing on IPA (iPhone Art). I was looking through his feed and saw this photo (CLICK HERE). I looked on IPA to see what apps he used and saw Glaze. I bought the app and made the photo up above called Me and Picasso. Glaze has open doors for me on all kind of editing levels. Let’s get started with the blog post..,

Camera Roll-2246
Camera Roll-2247

As you can see you start of with three buttons, select photo, save and tool button.

Camera Roll-2251

Here’s how the whole app works, you can press the “?” button and this screen will pop up.

Camera Roll-2248
Camera Roll-2249

You can scroll through look at all the painting textures type. Now with the update Glaze has an in-app purchase to open up more painting textures/styles. I would just pay the $2.99 and open up the whole thing. It’s totally worth it, in my opinion.

Camera Roll-2250

The clip boards up above are presets to mixing and layering painting textures on top of each other. You can do up to 4 texture presets.

Files Size Saves

This is really *important* to know when it comes to saving and operating Glaze. If you are going to use this app, make sure you turn off all your app running the background on your iPhone. The reason is if you other apps running, your photos will only save at low resolution. Now how to check and see if your app are running in the background is double click you home button. The screen will go up slightly and you will see apps running, hold your finger on the app until it jiggles and you see an “X” button on the top left hand corner. “X” out off all the apps to kill them because they are open and still running.

Camera Roll-2254

If you want to change and do a different photo this is you other option.

Glaze Demo

City Glaze Demo

These are my Glaze photo demo.

Demo Layers

I like to use art app to make background layers.

Final Glaze City

Now I use the photo on top and layered it onto another photo using DXP and blending with Difference. Then I used Glaze again to give it more a painterly effect.

Burning Man

Playing with Glaze and Other Apps

Here are 2 more photos I’ve played with using Glaze and other apps. I’m still playing with the app coming up with ways to layer it in with other photos. This app will always be a work in progress with me…that’s a good thing !!! It just means I will not get bored of this app because I love the textures and the endless possibilities of editing. Every time I use this app it gives me the most amazing looks and styles. It’s one amazing painting apps I’ve seen so far…nothing comes close to it.

Tiffany White and Glaze Art

I was trying to find a new way of editing with Glaze and my friend Tiffany White gave me a photo of her. I played with it and came up with this edit, still perfecting it today.

If you have an questions please leave a comment or email me You can Kik me @ashcrofr54 and find my art on @ashcroft54. Check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group done below by clicking on the box and the forum on Instagram @combo_apps.

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2 Responses to Combo Apps/ All about Glaze

  1. Thanks dude for the kind words and for posting such killer art. Joel totally rocks with Glaze, great to see he introduced you…

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It was an informal introduction. His work is amazing, I’m glad we follow each other. You do have a very good painting app, no one comes close to this app. It’s like you know what paintings really are and not a fabrication of paintings. There’s a lot if people who love your app, especially on Instagram. This is how app developers find me or I find them.

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