Combo Apps/ Etchings Update 1.5

Etching Quad Demo

Today I wanted to talk about the beta testing I’ve done with Etchings App by MindSea. Bill emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in testing out the new 1.5 update. The photo up above is the new in-app purchase series, Citizen, Alice, Horizon, Sorbet and not show are Marine and Zombie. There are other things that will be added to the mix like High Resolution save up to 3300×3300, a light and darker setting and Photo App Link. I will be showing you actual screen shots from beta testing and what will be changed/added to Etchings.

Camera Roll-2180

Let’s get started with the blog and open up the app…

Camera Roll-2173

Here are the new in-app purchase section of the app, called Florance FX Pack. I’m guessing the IAP (in-app purchase) is going to be $.99 because that what I saw pop up.

Camera Roll-2172

This is the brightness functions of the app, you can make your photo brighter or darker to your liking. I like having the options of making photo brighter or darker.

Zombie Demo

Zombie edit.

Marine Demo

Marine edit.

Camera Roll-2176

These are you saving, posting and opening up in another app options. But I wanted to point you to the bottom button called “Advance Export”, this is where you will save your photo at the higher resolution.

Camera Roll-2177

When you tap on the Advance Export button these are your other options with this saving. There is also a toggle switch if you want to save them as a crop photo or not. If you noticed there are 2 resolution sizes you can save at with crop and without crop. You can also open the high res photo with Photo App Link too.

Etchings Demo

Now of course this blog post is not complete without an actual combo edit by me and using the featured app, Etchings.

Dynamic Light Demo

Then I pump up the color and contrast with Dynamic Light and save.

Camera Roll-2049

Then I put the original photo through an app called Pixl. You can purchase the app for $.99 at the App Store. There is an Android version of this app and you can pick up at Google Play. The app does save at low res, so you can use this trick to pump the pixel. I will upload/save this Pixl Photo with Pic Frame.

O Christmas Tree

Then I will take all the layers and blend them with DXP. One of my favorite layers and blending apps on the fly. I use Difference for my blending option of course. You can see this photo posted on Instagram, titled “O Christmas Tree”

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me The Etchings App Update 1.5 will be in a few days. You can check out my iPhone art on IPA <;;strong>;;@ashcroft54. Please check out the Combo App Flickr Group down below and the forum @combo_apps on Instagram.

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9 Responses to Combo Apps/ Etchings Update 1.5

  1. blaquira says:

    Looks like awesome app for some crazy editing!

  2. Andrea midlife_madness says:

    Looks really fun to work with!

  3. 7charlie85 says:

    All the pics look awesome!!! Nice work!! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. melia says:

    would live to try this app!!

  5. meliahartley says:

    would love to try the magic of this app

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