Combo Apps/Popsicolor 2.0 Update

Chanting for Nonsense

I’ve been beta testing Popsicolor for the new big 2.0 update for John. If you follow me on Instagram (@combo_apps), you would of seen some of posting I’ve done and the experimenting editing I’ve done with this app. Now if you have Popsicolor 1.0.1, then you will be excited with the new 2.0 update. John has added a few great features with textures, gradients and ink. I’m really excited about this new update. I will be showing you the new screen shots for the app, what’s been added and new type of editing with this app. The photo up above was edited with Popsicolor, DXP, Pic Frame Rainy Daze and other apps.

Demo for Combo Apps Blogs

Camera Roll-2126

I wanted to show you what’s been added to Ice Pops and the new styles of editing examples. Now you can make beautiful editing combinations with this app, mix colors with gradients/textures and ink outlines.

Camera Roll-2127

Now when you load your photo up with this app, you will noticed the button look a little different. I will go into details of which button does what with each screen shot. You will also see the new beautiful popsicles displayed on the top and bottom. The colors are set in different color category. I’m guessing over time John will add more color sections as well as colors to the mix with this app.

Camera Roll-2128

I’ve scrolled the bottom popsicles all way to the left and you will see the new “INK” bottle button displayed. This is a brand new edit feature that’s been added. You will be able to add ink outlines to your editing. The ink is based on Indian Ink.

Camera Roll-2130

The “sunglasses” are for how much color you want on your photo. You will have more options on how even or uneven on the two colors you pick out.

Camera Roll-2134

The “target and dart” button is for gradients/textures. Now you can mix it up a bit with how you want to grade your colors mix with patterns to give you that textural style. It also gives your photo a “POP” in bringing certain details.

Popsicolor Demo

This is my first finished edit with Popsicolor 2.0 but I’m not done…

Camera Roll-2151

I love the drips from Popsicolor. I’ll show you how to blend them to make multi-layers of drips. I will make about 10 to 12 colors and drips images.

Camera Roll-2152

How I do it is with DXP, a multi-blending and layers app. I always use difference when I blend these layers on top of each other.

Camera Roll-2153

The background will go black and then white when you pile them on each other. Even layers will be black and odd layers will be white. I usually will go black background but sometimes I like to go white background. Sometimes I will use Dynamic Light to make the colors and drips pop out more, again it just depends on my mood and what I’m looking for.

Camera Roll-2155

Camera Roll-2156

Next I will use Pic Frame to pump up the resolution after I blend the layers together. It’s my way of pushing pixels and resolution.

DXP with Popsicolor layers

My finished high res drippy mess photo.

Cripsy B&W

I will take my original photo and turn it into a Crispy Black and White, regular, contrasty black and white. Again it depends on what kind of look I;m going for in my photo.


The I’ll go back to DXP and relayer and reblend them together again. Now I couldn’t tell you how I layer them on top of each because it depends on the out come of layers/blending. I will usually will use Difference. If I don’t like the look of Difference, I’ll try Exclusion, Hardlight, Overlay and/or Multiply. Now there is no wrong or right way to blend and layers. It’s really up to you and your style, just use this blog post as a reference point and go from there…

Combo Apps Blog Drip Demo

Here’s another Drip Demo, shot with Pro Camera and edited with Popsicolor, Percolator, Pic Frame, Dynamic Light and DXP. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or email me You can check out my iPhone Art at ASHCROFT54 and my forum on Instagram @combo_apps. See you next week with GLAZE and check out Combo Apps Flickr Group down below…

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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Popsicolor 2.0 Update

  1. Michele baddoo says:

    I am a huge fan of watercolours and what I was hoping for is watercolour throughout an image without any white spaces. Otherwise I love this app.

  2. Love the app as well was wondering if there was a time frame or release date for the update.

  3. odilonvert says:

    Nice job explaining the update — I just started playing a bit with it myself, it’s great that there are more options than before.

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