Salton Sea

Salton Sea

Salton Sea is a place that has been hyper photographed for it’s urban legend, decay, dilapidation, dead fish, dead birds, abandonment, isolation and the people who still thrive there. People still go out camping and fishing. It’s a place that fell off the earth, only to be discovered by photographers, artists and anyone who wants to reminisce in it’s hay day. That could be why the movie “The Salton Sea” was made and once in a while I like to fall off the grid. There is a documentary called Pleages & Pleasures on the Salton Sea. It’s about the history of the Salton Sea narrated by John Waters.

Salton Sky-11

This was taken a few years ago at night with my Canon 40D DSLR and Sigma 10-20mm Lens, long exposure and a very windy night.

North Shore Stop-0608-1

I was lucky to take photos of the famous abandon MOTEL on the North Shore before they tore it down.

North Shore Stop-0608-7

We got lucky with the yellow couch tossed in the empty pool.

Salton Sea-8

Crusty salt corrosion mixed with sand and fish bones makes nice abstract photos.

North Shore Stop-0608-16

I just love finding disregarded junk toss out in the sea, makes you wonder who did it. Makes me think of Primus and “Sailing the Seas of Cheese.” It wouldn’t surprise me if you found cheese in this sea.

North Shore Stop-0608-10

If you’re a parent please don’t let your kids play on this playground. You’ll be walking lots of dead fish bones and birds here. It’s a good thing the swings are broken off…!!!

North Shore Stop-0608-14

Make shift skate ramp for the “X-Gamers” in you…!!!

2 Red Painted Dead Fish

The best photo op I found at The Salton Sea…what made it even funnier is 9 months later the “Purgatory Arts Collective” responded to me about their “Red Dead Fish” !!!!

Salton Sea-0

I had my DLSR Camera with me and took some landscape shots on Bombay Beach but I had more fun taking them with my iPhone.

Salton Sea-10

Salton Sea-1

Salton Sea-2

The dead, decapitated and disembodiment of animals you will find along the shores of the Salton Sea. These were found by my friend Victoria and she showed me them so I can take pictures of them.

Salton Sea-41

I took some photos with Pro Camera and edited with Plastic Bullet. I wanted to give these photos a simple edit with a retro, plastic feeling to these photos.

Salton Sea-38

You can get a sense of time of how long these dilapidated shack was once flooded and now just in decay and ruin.

Salton Sea-37

Part of a trail that got flooded and now just standing on a third of it’s shell.

Salton Sea-23

You will see old tired all over the place, like tossed out old inner tubes.

Salton Sea-15

Old eroded and corroded trailer stove…

Salton Sea-5

Piles of concrete is a common site to see..

Salton Sea-3

Be careful of where you step because there are a lot of ole rusty busted pipes that stick up from the ground. When I walk around on Bombay Beach or any part of the Salton Sea, I always walk carefully and slowly. You never know what you could step on or get sunken into. If you go to this place make sure you wear a good pair of shoes that are broken in and you plan to throw away afterwards. You are stepping on lots of dead bones, shit, trash and what not !!! Your shoes will get ruined or turn into you work outside shoes.

Salton Sea-9

There is a beauty to this place I can not explain with all the death and decay. This is a magical place for me to photograph. I get a sense of peace coming here. It’s serene, quiet and no one bothers you. I’m totally FREE when I come here to photograph. I will miss this place and it’s splendor tranquility.

I wanted to add that Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations has been to Salton Sea/Bombay Beach to the Ski Inn. You can watch the You Tube Clip up above.

Salton Sea-0Salton Sea-1Salton Sea-2Salton Sea-3Salton Sea-4Salton Sea-5
Salton Sea-6Salton Sea-7Salton Sea-8Salton Sea-9Salton Sea-10Salton Sea-11
Salton Sea-12Salton Sea-13Salton Sea-14Salton Sea-15Salton Sea-16Salton Sea-17
Salton Sea-18Salton Sea-19Salton Sea-20Salton Sea-21Salton Sea-22Salton Sea-23

Salton Sea iPhone 4S, a set on Flickr.


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  1. tenorsoul says:

    love this serie, wonderful

  2. I love the bleached style…and those colors on the first 3 images, great.

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