Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Joel Aversing

Joel Aversing

Today guest blogger is a guy name Joel and most of you know him as asleepundercolumnsovlight on Flickr or IPA (iPhone.Art). I’m a fan of his work and love looking at it. His images are amazing in all kind of levels and I’m glad he’s one of my guest bloggers. His style of editing sets apart from everyone else and very distinctive. You can spot his images and then take a long look at the dark details he imposes on his images. His work is very honest and hits you hard like a mack truck. Now let’s read about Joel and the man behind the images…

Divison Ov

Bio: I love to create. All my life I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Whether it was a musician, painter, actor, or chef, I always tried to express my creativity. I eventually took the culinary route and made my living as a chef at numerous high end restaurants from the downtown streets in Illinois to the bayous of Louisiana. That’s really how I started taking photographs. I’d shoot pictures of dishes for menus, my staff, and recipe books. After leaving the culinary world for a career in military logistics, my desire for a creative outlet lead me to iPhoneography and my constant companion , my iPhone of course, became my greatest tool. I strive to create magic, sometimes dark, sometimes not…

I’ve had work featured in PhotoMediaCenter’s iPhoneart Dreamscape Exhibition, a feature in TheAppWhisperer, been selected several times as Artist of the Day and runner-up for Artist of the Month at, had a piece featured in Lys Foto Magazine’s 3rd issue One-Shots, and had the lead image in iPhoneogenic’s Top 31 for Oct.2012. I recently had the great honor of having some of my work feature at the LA Mobile Arts Festival in Santa Monica. You may also find my work on other reputable iPhoneography Blog Sites, this one included (Combo Apps). 🙂

What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?
Top ten in my camera bag rotation right now… Snapseed, VSCO, 6×6, PhotoCopier, Image Blender, Phonto, Filterstorm, CameraAwesome, Juxtaposer, and Glaze.

Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them ?
I’m constantly listening to music. It really sets the mood for me when I’m editing. Usually it’s something dark, industrial, and heavy. Quite a few of my pieces are titles or lyrics from a particular song I’ll be listening to the editing process. FYI, my username (asleepundercolumnsovlight) is in reference to a song.

Who are your influences ?
A lot of my influences come from my iphoneography peers. There are so many and I’d hate to leave anyone out. Others include artists like Dave McKean, the late and great Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, and other awesome fantasy artists. I’m also influenced by music. Bands like The Birthday Massacre, Machines of Loving Grace, KMFDM, and a slew of others also have influences on my work.

Where do you photograph ?
What do you like to photograph ?
Why do you like to photograph ?

I’ll photograph just about anything and everywhere. Whatever catches my eye. I do a lot of self portraits, I find it very cathartic. Sometimes I do alot of heavily app’d work that required no base photo at all. It all depends on what I’m feeling at that particualr time. I photograph and create because if I don’t have a creative outlet I’d explode. It’s that simple.

While editing what goes through your mind ?
Do you think about things going on with you life or just edit ?

When I’m editing I’m usually thinking that I really need an iPad. My hand are too large for this screen and stylus!

Anything else you would like to add about yourself and life.
You can see my gallery of works here under my call sign “asleepundercolumnsovlight”. Thanks for the opportunity, Tina!

Joel Adam (asleepundercolumnsovlight)


Les Messieurs Grotesques

Now Joel has provided me 3 photos he edited with the apps he has.

Camera Roll-1787

“Witness to The Worlds Setting”

Hipstamatic “Lucas AB2 film and Blanko Freedom Film”, Snapseed, Blender, AlienSky, and VSCO

"The Grotesque: Hyde"

“The Grotesque: Hyde”

Lens+, iColorama, Camera!, Glaze, Texture+, Snapseed, Noir, PhotoToaster, and Photocopier

"The Red Dress"

“The Red Dress”

FlowPaper, Brushes, Snapseed, FilterMania, Lenslight, RainyDaze, Blender, Retouch, and ScratchCam

My girlie HoneyThe Kilburn White Horse, From Thirsk Bank, Yorkshireapp experiment 004-2-SwankoLab+Squaraapp experiment 003-EyeEmBirdTrumpeters
Protecting the paradePieces of The SkyThe Grotesque: ScarecrowIMG_1755I have a meat hook in my heart ~ the cureMy Little World iPhoneographic
Born 2 Be WildAbstract of a fenceSunset, special editionApocalypse: It's No Day at the BeachEye 1Eye 2
iphone 5 - 2012 - image 0109Photo Digital Tree Sky IShe Often Saw Through YouThe Door to The Church, Byland Abbey, YorkshireThe Corner...Living in a world on fire..


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