Combo Apps/Lens Flare, Lens Light and Alien Sky

Lens Flare, Lens Light and Alien Sky

Let’s talk about 3 apps, that just had a huge update and added effect. I’m talking about Lens Flare, Lens Light and Alien Sky by BrianFever Media and developer James Grote. All three apps are universal to the iPad now, which is great because I know there were people who wanted Alien Sky for the iPad. James also added more effects, on Lens Light and Alien Sky, made it easy to save and render the effects easier…

Crispy Black and White

I’m going to use this Crispy Black and White photo of San Diego Downtown I shot and edited yesterday. The reason why I’m using this type of photo is you will see the effects of the these apps a lot better in the 3 demos.

Camera Roll-1258

I’m going to start with them demo with Lens Flare. As you can see when the is loaded there’s description of each button and what it does.

Camera Roll-1270

After I load the photo I’m going to scroll through and look at the different effects. I couldn’t fit them all on one screen shot but you get the idea.

Camera Roll-1267

Lens Flare and Lens Light have the same lens textures effects to play on top of your edited photo. It’s too give it that realistic glare to your photo.

Camera Roll-1265

These are your save options with all 3 of the apps.

Lens Flare Demo

This is my finished edited Lens Flare photo.

Camera Roll-1273

I wanted to show you the cool new effect that was added to Lens Light. What I love about this app is now I can get rid of Space Paint and just keep Lens Light. Why, because the app saves at high resolution.

Lens Light Demo

My finished edited photo with Lens Light.

Camera Roll-1257

Alien Sky has more planets, stars and other cosmic effects.

Camera Roll-1263

Here are a few of the new planets that have been added with other effects.

Camera Roll-1268

There is something else that is different about this app too. It has FILTERS instead of Lens Textures to layer on top of the screen.

Camera Roll-1264

The render button has moved to the effects layer area on all three of the apps. It’s no longer on the save part of the screen anymore. You can also clear and cancel your layers.

Camera Roll-1269

Now let’s say you’re not sure how much you’ve added layers on your photo, you can tap on the “Image Visible” button below the “Filter Darken” button. The photo will disappear and you only see the layers you’ve use only. This will give you an idea of what your photo will look like with out the photo. Just in case you feel you’ve missed a spot or need more planets, stars and other cosmic goodies. This is a really cool feature and comes in handy sometimes.

Alien Sky Demo

This is my finished edited photo with Alien Sky. Now if you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me You can also check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below and see all the other cool iPhone Artists. I wanted to
add this little tidbit of James. He also composes music. I wanted to plug his music composition and show you a video demo of his work too. You can check out his music site at BrianFeverMusic and buy his music on iTunes.

Electron Shadow from James Grote on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Lens Flare, Lens Light and Alien Sky

  1. thanks for the Lens Flare promo code.

  2. Hi there, I discovered your blog via Google while looking for a similar matter, your site came up, it seems to be great. I have added to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  3. Danny says:

    Thanks for the Lens Flare!

  4. Jessica Buscher says:

    Hello. I bought an iPhone specifically to use Alien Sky. I upgraded in November and now cannot use photos from Camera roll to edit new pictures. I can still take pictures in the Alien Sky program. I would like to use earlier shots. Has anyone else had this issue and is there an easy solution?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Have you tried uninstall and reinatall the app ? Sometimes that helps or shutting down your iphone and wait a few minutes to turn it back on. Try that first and if you’re still having problems. Then I’ll give you their email so you can contact them.

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