Combo Apps/Bringing Back Tiny Planets

Horton Plaza

Today I wanted to talk about the latest update with iOS 6 and the panoramas that was added to the regular on-board camera app. The panorama feature is only added to the iPhone 4s and 5, if you have a iPhone 4 and below you didn’t get the feature. The only problem is with these panoramas they make huge files that most apps can’t handle the processing. I was trying to make them into Crispy Black and Whites. The problem is when I run it through at full res with PS Express to do the sharpen the app crashes. So I posted my pano on Instagram Combo Apps and talked about the problems with the huge files. What I thought was going to be something I would have to wait later down the road with a new iPhone turned out to be something way better. TJ @supahats introduce me to a guy name C.J.Egoz @alteregoz on IG, CJ showed me you can use Tiny Planets for editing. In others words I’m reintroducing Tiny Planets back into my editing with the panoramas and you can buy the app for $.99 at the App Store. The photo up above was taken with the iPhone Camera Panorama and edited with Tiny Planets, Dynamic Light, PS Express and DXP.

Coaster Demo

I’m going to do a recap of how Tiny Planets works with this panorama I made and edited for the demo.

Camera Roll-4983
Camera Roll-4984
Camera Roll-4985
Camera Roll-4989

Now I tapped on the “?” button and this will display all the buttons and how they work. I wanted to mention that if you edit with Tiny Planets that your panorama photo will be brought down to 1000×1000 to 2000×2000 pixels.

Camera Roll-4988

This is your gallery storage for Tiny Planets, make sure you empty it out every once in while. This storage does take up space on you iPhone. If you have a 16gig iPhone, I recommend you clean out the storage every so often.

Pano Demo

I’m going to show you my MTS demo with this panorama.

Tiny Planet Demo MTS

Tiny Planet Demo

Dynamic Light Demo MTS

Dynamic Light Demo

Crispy Black and White Demo MTS

Very Crispy Black and White Demo

DXP Layers Demo

All 3 layers are laid on top of each other with DXP and using Difference blending.

Final Edit Demo of MTS

Final edit done with Photo Forge 2 using PopCam and Technicolor Film.

Centere of San Diego

You can join up the Tiny Planets App Flickr Group, check out all the cool photos made with this amazing app. Now if you have any questions just leave a comment or email me You can also add me on Kik messenger if you really need to talk to me at Tina Rice ASHCROFT54. Have a nice day and make lots of HAPPY TINY PLANETS !!!!

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12 Responses to Combo Apps/Bringing Back Tiny Planets

  1. T.J. says:

    Thanks for mentioning me and glad I could be of assistance but it is @supakats 🙂

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  3. Alter Egoz says:

    Glad to assist ya. I’ve never given up on tinyplanets myself, due to its nature of making any photo into a square, making it Instagram ready. Nice blog btw! iPhone art FTW

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