Combo Apps/Textures+ & Smoosh

Smoosh and Textures+

Today I’ll be talking about 2 apps Smoosh and Textures+ by developer Mike Valdez. His company is called Bazzbo and has made another app called Pixel Blend Pro (iPhone) and Pixel Blend HD (iPad). The photo up above was edit with both apps Textures+ and Smoosh.

Camera Roll-4904

I’m going to start off with the app Smoosh first and where the app idea came from. Smoosh come from the editing still from the Polaroid SX-70 where you can manipulate the actual Polaroid photo by smooshing them with tools, finger nails or anything with tip. This was big in the 1970s and famous for this type of processing was a man name Lucas Samaras. I highly recommend you look up his work and his amazing Polaroid Manipultaions. Most of Lucas work was taken in his apartment and they were self-portraits of him doing random things. he’s also naked in a lot of his Polaroid Manipulations. When I took a photo history class Lucas Samaras was one of the last photographers we talked about so that’s why I remembered him so well.


Another person you might want to check out and good friend of mine is Ginger Lucero (@sxethang). This is one of her photo manipulation using the Smoosh app, titled Withdrawn.

Camera Roll-4904
Camera Roll-4905
Camera Roll-4906
Camera Roll-4907

These are the screen shots and simple instruction on how the app operates. You can buy Smoosh for $1.99 at the App Store.

Demo Photo

This is the photo I will be using in the demo, I shot with Pro Camera and edited with Dynamic Light.

Demo Photo 2 for Smoosh

This is my maniputlated photo using Smoosh and this took some serious time to do this manipulation. Now if you’re going to use this app make sure you turn off all your app running the background. This app takes up a lot of battery juice and lots of processing. Another thing is after each saved photo you do with Smoosh, make sure your turn off the app in the background before starting a new manipulation. If you don’t the app will crash because it takes a lot of processing and it wears your battery down.

Final Demo of Smoosh

Here’s the final editing after I put it through Photoshop Express. I wanted to over sharpen and change the color to give it a more Impressionistic look to the photo after using Smoosh.

Camera Roll-4911
Camera Roll-4912
Camera Roll-4913

Textures+ is a camera/editing app you can buy for $.99 at the App Store. I’ve posted up screen shots of the app to give you an idea of how easy the app works. You can also purchase more textures to add to your collection.

Camera Roll-4914

The photo is the same demo photo from the Smoosh demo, it’s loaded and ready to go. As you can see the buttons are pretty straight forward. The buttons are Crop, Texture, Brightness, Hue and Border.

Camera Roll-4915
Camera Roll-4917

You can apply as many texture as you want on photo or erase some of the textures away from the photo. Which is really a cool way of editing. You can scroll through the textures and pick what type of texture you want to app on top of your photo. Tap on the Erase Button to erase away certain part of the texture you don’t want on your photo.

Camera Roll-4919

You can add a border to your photo too after you’re done editing. Just scroll through with your finger and pick the border you like and tap on apply at the top right hand corner.

Camera Roll-4921
Camera Roll-4920
Camera Roll-4922

Cropping is easy too. You can pick the preset of crop ratio types or do free cropping by sliding the corner of the photo to your liking…

Camera Roll-4923

Saving is easy too you can either have the app linked to your favorite share and social sites. I just like to save to my camera roll by tapping the “box with arrow down” button.

Textures+ Demo

Here’s my beautiful Textures+ photo. Now if you have any questions about this blog please leave comments or email me If you noticed you can find my on the sidebar and find everything I’m linked to. It’s all there on the sidebar now Facebook pages, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and ect…Have a good day and see you soon.

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  2. Software says:

    Woah this weblog is wonderful i like reading your articles. Keep up the good paintings! You already know, many persons are looking round for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  3. Jessie says:

    Would have never discovered these apps if it weren’t for your post. Great job and beautiful photos!

  4. Gary says:

    I’m going to have to stop reading your blog and following your pictures lol. Every time I end up buying more apps lol. Love the work that you have put into this blog and TiPN and all your pictures. Thanks!!!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Your welcome and thanks, what you wrote means a lot to me. Doing these blog posts are the only thing that ever made sense and all the photo classes I took at Grossmont College. I buy a lot of apps too and you aren’t alone either. I promise you that !!! Just have fun with your photo editing and keep in editing !!!!

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