645 Pro For 30 Days Revisited

645 Pro 2/30

Couple of months when I was trying to do the 645 Pro Month Project there was an update that messed up the TIFF+ processing and pretty much the app didn’t work. Then I got the update and came back to the project two months later. Since then there was a major update to 2.0 and up, so far the app has worked pretty smoothly. The only con is you can only shoot 2 photos at a time but it’s well worth the wait in processing and getting those nice TIFF+ files. Not only can you do JPEG+TIFF but the TIFF+ save onto you camera roll and you have better access to the TIFF+ files you shot. In the last two months 645 Pro has changed dramaticlly and for the better. This is by far the most powerful camera app on the market and for the photo enthusiast to the pro photographer in mind. They have redesign this app to make better manual controls and fine detailed shooting. Pro 645 is great for those beautiful Ansel Adams Landscapes to the hussle and bussle

Camera Roll-4845
Camera Roll-4843

Now if you go to your settings on your iPhone, you can scroll up and down to change your camera settings with the app. It’s important you always look at your settings before you start going shooting with this app. You might want certain things off or on. I pretty much have everything off because all I care about are the Tiffs->Camera Roll. Everything is irrelevant to me, but for you they may have some relevance to your shooting style.

Camera Roll-4840

This is a screen shot of how the app looks when your shooting with your iPhone. Now I wanted to point out in recent updates that the developer has added two new view finders, 6X7+ and 6X12. everything else is pretty easy to follow and if you still confused on how to operate the camera app, just click “HERE” that will take to the tutorial part of the website. You can even download a PDF file to have for you desktop/laptop.

Camera Roll-4527

I took this shot at work using the 6X12 shooting mode. This was waking in a small room, on top of a file cabinet with not the greatest lighting. It’s not as clear as I wanted it to be but you get the gist of the 6X12 format.

Camera Roll-4841
Camera Roll-4842

Now these are all you TIFF files that are stored into the app, it’s a lot easier to access the actual TIFF files. When you tap on the arrow you can save them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, email and the camera roll. How to get to these files is tapping on the play button the lower right hand corner of the screen in camera mode.

Camera Roll-4836

This is the TIFF file that is stored in the app, as you can see you have some options to store the files.

Camera Roll-4838

Tap on the shutter box (looks like a wheel) and you can save the TIFF to your camera roll.

Camera Roll-4837

Tap on the arrow box and you can transfer your TIFF file to another app, which is really cool so you can go and into edit mode. I’m not sure how many app 645 Pro can transfers to for editing, but as you can see I have quiet a few to choose from.

645 Pro 19/30

Overall this is one of the most camera apps on the market, I’m sure other app will follow in the foot steps of 645 Pro. What I’m hoping is Pro Camera will head in that direction because it’s my primary camera app for shooting photos on my iPhone. This app is great for when I go shooting in downtown at buildings and square formats. 645 Pro has taken over Qbro for me because of the crispy clear square shots and no file compression. Everything looks so much clearer and easier to edit the heck out of my photos. I hope you enjoyed this Month Project. I’ll be taking a break from the month project for a little while to focus on other things…see you soon.

Tina L Rice @ashcroft54

645 Pro 11/30645 Pro 1/30645 Pro 2/30645 Pro 3/30645 Pro 4/30645 Pro 5/30
645 Pro 6/30645 Pro 7/30645 Pro 8/30645 Pro 9/30Pro 645 10/30645 Pro 12/30
645 Pro 13/30645 Pro 14/30645 Pro 15/30645 Pro 16/30645 Pro 17/30645 Pro 18/30
645 Pro 19/30645 Pro 20/30645 Pro 21/30645 Pro 22/30645 Pro 23/30645 Pro 24/30

645 Pro For 30 Days Revisited, a set on Flickr.

645 PRO for iPhone from Jag.gr on Vimeo.


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