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WonderShare is a software company that has developed mobile apps for your iPhone/iPad and Android phones. They contacted me and wanted me to try out their apps. I’ve been playing with their apps for a little while. They wanted me to wait for their 2.0 release of PowerCam. I know it’s past the 2.0 update and the iPhone 5 is out now. I wanted to add in two other apps Panorama and Power Sketch. So I needed time to play with those other two apps, research and write a detailed blog post for WonderShare.

There are Pros and Cons with their “real time” apps. When I’m talking about “real time apps”, it means that the apps are live when you and a shoot/edit at the same time. You don’t shoot the photo, save and edit them later. What you see on your screen is what your shoot/edit all at once. The only cons to their apps are the low res because of the editing and processing that goes into the actual photo processing. Basically they are an all in one photo apps with real time viewing and processing.

The Pros to these are apps are made for the the beginner iPhoneographer. What it does is teach you the basic editing skills of Tilt Shift, Color Spalsh, Zooming and so on…if you’re starting out with iPhoneography I recommend these apps to get you started in shooting and editing with your iPhone or Android Phone. This is a great way of understanding the basic concept of iPhoneographery and editing.

Camera Roll-4744

Camera Roll-4699

Let’s look at the PowerCam screen shot, so this is how the app works. You can tap on “?” button to get the instructions of how the app works.

Camera Roll-4743

The basic “real time” editing features you can pick from.

Camera Roll-4747

Photo example of my real time editing shot.

Camera Roll-4746

Panorama is another app you can buy for $.99 at the App Store. This is a great alternative to not having a panorama setting on the iPhone camera. Only the iPhone 5 has the built-in pano feature. This app is great for people who have an iPhone 4s and below models. As you will read below this app has a pano-sweep feature of making panorama photos, it’s cut and dry on how to sweep your iPhone across vertical or horizontal.

Camera Roll-4745

Camera Roll-4629

Camera Roll-4633

Example of my panorama photo done with the “Retro Real Time Edit.”

Camera Roll-4638

Second example of my real time panorama.

I wanted to talk about Power Sketch but at the moment they are working for an update to fix the issue at hand. Because of the iOS 6 update the app is not working properly. Power Cam and Panorama had their updates to work with iOS 6 and work great. These are the things a good developer will do with there apps (including listening to their customers). I’m glad they worked hard to make the necessary improvements to make their apps work properly. It shows that good things are soon to come with WonderShare.

Now if you have any questions please leave comments or email You can check out everything I’m link to on my page @ashcroft54. Check out the Combo Apps Flickr Group down below. Have fun and keep on editing…

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