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Tammy Lafferty

Today’s guest blogger is the last of this month and we end this with a BIG BANG !!! Tammy Lafferty (@shamzeee) is one of the many great followers I love to follow because of her AWESOME feed and beautifully edited photos. Her feed is full amazing and expressive editing, when you read about her you will see her creative expression in her editing skills. She loves to know about new app and not afraid to use them as she sees fit. I’m glad we follow each other and she did the blog post…so please read about all about her !!!

Oh my goodness !!! Let me begin by saying just how lucky I feel to have been asked by Tina Rice @ashcroft54 (@combo_apps) to be part of her wonderful and popular blog posts. I’m hoping I can come close to the talented writings of past guest bloggers. Well here goes…My name is Tammie Lafferty A.K.A @shamzee “shamrock Lover” I’m sure I’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows on that one. I’ll explain the thought, Shazam+shamrock+Tammie and there you have it. Never had a user or nickname and had to think fast. “Shamrock lover” well who doesn’t love them? Or love to find one? My husband Sean is Irish. His Grandparents came here from Ireland as a boy. I’m Irish, Sagittarius, born in “69” and am 42 years young. Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario and have always loved drawing and art. Many have told me that I should have pursued it but hey everything happens for a reason. I’m an at home Mother of three. My 21 year old daughter Cassandra @cassandralee2012 who I am so proud of the woman she’s become, has a wonderful caring heart and is the worlds greatest big sister that her brothers adore.

I also have two young boys, Aaden who just turned 6 and Liam who’s 4 and boy oh boy are they a couple of forces to be reckoned with!! Then there’s my wonderful husband (Sean) he and I have been 18 years strong, married for three and with many hardships we’re taking life head on and strong.

Never had a loving family of my own growing up (Mother was not well, mentally)(Father?) always felt like I had to stand alone. This is why when I say “I’m proud of my family” it’s right from my heart.

With that being said I want and do try to capture every moment of our family memories.I have an Incredible amount of pictures first smiles, crawling, walking, holidays, all seasons, Christmas as well as just an ordinary “fun day!”

Ha! Maybe I did have a Nick name “Photo Freak” but that don’t count. I can remember long before INSTAGRAM my lovely best friend Jackie @jackieisfree was really my IG. I would edit pictures and send them to her. Well I must have sent her 1000’s of them,she wouldn’t say so but it drove her crazy (she loves my boys and they love her) right about then she kept telling me I should check out INSTAGRAM and that I’d love it!! Hmm! Wonder how many I’d have sent her by now? I think IG saved her sanity from the “photo freak!” Needless to say I downloaded and became addicted and loving every minute since. THANK YOU my dear Jackie.

Speaking of another addiction I have it’s an “APP ADDICTION” love new apps and switching things up a bit. Almost every time I’m looking for a new one, Tina @ashcroft54 has or usually knows of a new one coming or has found a new one and is sharing. I love it !!! Thanx Tina !!!

Question 1
The 10 apps I use most other than INSTAGRAM are
1~I would have to say is “Camera+” I’ve had the longest and love everything about it especially the “clarity”
2~this one is “Juxtaposer” I’ve had it for just as long and use it for many things in my photos
3~this one would be “Photoshop Express” love and use it often.
4~my next is “iCameraHDR” now that I know how to use it ,and starting my own HDR photos I love it.
5~another oldie bit goodie is “Dynamic Light” it’s a long time favorite. Most used filter is “Dutch light”
6~next I would have to say “Snapseed” I use it daily for all the wonders this app.does.
7~Another would be “Filterstorm” I use it on many of my photos for one thing or another.
8~My favorite I use quite often for blending is “Pic Blender” I’ve tried many and it’s the best for me.
9~Next there’s “Lens Light and Lens Flare” used separate or combined.
10~There’s also “Pixlr-o-matic and Pixlr-o-matic+” for the role of the dice on a slow day. I have to mention “Photo Forge 2 & PopCam” sorry I’ll stop now!

Question 2
I can’t say I listen to music when I take pictures unless its background music,a party or something of the sort.
When it comes to editing well “Acoona Matada” comes to mind from the Lion King (my boys favorite) with the two boys there’s usually a racket of some level going on. I’m also an avid “hummer” I Hum all the time always a tune in my head. It might be a kids song or the last song I heard or a song I’m not sure of the words but I wing it! Haha!!

Question 3
My influences I would have the say first was my Grandma. I have few memories but one was watching Lawrence Welks with her and going through photo albums. It was always a nice feeling when she shared her memories and funny stories. I can’t wait till I can sit with my family and do the same. I have done it with my daughter recently, she was blown away with where the time has gone with her brothers. There are also quite a few on IG. Great Artist, friends like Jackie who has always had great ideas and been very supportive. I guess all collectively have been and are huge influences.

Question 4
I usually like to photograph any where and anytime. This does drive my hubby crazy sometimes. LOL !!! What I like to photograph I’d have to say are my kids. I simply can’t get enough of them. I love to photograph for memories above all ,for art and editing and the thrill of that perfect shot !!!

Question 5
Oh boy!! What goes through my mind? There has to and feels like a ton of thoughts. There’s the “Mom!” Almost every 5 minutes and of course what to do with lunch,dinner,laundry,dishes and bath time….all the norm. As for just edit…sometimes I pick up and put down my phone from an edit I’m doing hundreds of times. Sometimes by the time I get back to it ill have a new idea or mood and pick up where I left off. Same as a thought for one pic leads me to try and find another pick on my roll and going back is always blast and sometimes forgotten treasures.

Question 6
It might not need to be said but I like to ramble on!! LOL! Kidding. I would like to say thank you to many friends,followers and many connections I’ve made on IG. In a world of an at home mom in kiddie land,I really appreciate the bond,friendship and daily adult conversations of each and every connection I’ve made on IG all around the world. I feel just that much closer after this blog as well. Hope it was ok! Thank you so much Tina for including me. I’m very pleased and thankful. This is ME Shamzeee!!!!

Camera Roll-4544

Downloaded the cloud picture from wallpaper.
Second photo I used an app called “ARTREE” (great app)
~play with settings and pick a tree and save.

Camera Roll-4545

Took both photos and ran them through “PicBlend”
~normal blend-adjust just right. Save
I then loaded that photo in an app called “NightSkyFX”
~Used original
~then used Twinkle2 filter
~take the eraser and erase 31/2 of the way up. Save

Camera Roll-4546

Then load that in “Juxtaposer”
~loaded original cloud pic with the last one saved placed it on top and kept only the clouds at bottom to cover tree trunks.Save
Lastly loaded it in “Camera+” for “Clarity” save

Demo 1

And there you have it and “Instaloadit!”

Camera Roll-4548

Took top photo driving back from Toronto through construction.
I then loaded it in “camera+”
~cropped it.
~clarify save.
I then loaded it in “NightSkyFX”
~loaded it used original.
~loaded Twinkle1 filter.
~then erase all but the sky
~reload then repeat
~then save

Demo 2

Now you can “Instaloadit!”

Camera Roll-4549

My love of abstract. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Camera Roll-4551

This photo I took at the butterfly exhibit at the Toronto Zoo.

Camera Roll-4550

Started by loading original in “Snapseed”
~select Drama-bright2 – save
~revert back
~drama-Dark2-save to role
Then picked “iCameraHDR”
~merge both photos together.
Tone enhancer
~strength- 75
~brightness- -29
~contrast- -30
~highlights- 40
~shadows- -30
~black- 15
~white 10 then save.
Loaded that in “PhotoFX”
~Image- sharpen 150
~ special fx- enhancing #5
Then I loaded in an app called “PhotoDye”
~used color setting
Loaded that one in “Camera+”
Then loaded that in the app called “simplyHDR”
~select adjust
~strength to 65
Once loaded to filters on Instagram pick the little sun in bottom left corne and there it is. “Instaloadit!”

Camera Roll-4550

Demo 4

This is a favorite of mine. I used a number of apps on this over time. There’s ~PicBlend~AlienSky~Flowpaper~Iris~Photoexpress as well as Snapseed. I think I’m missing one or two but it was fun. I love the look !!!

Camera Roll-4554

Another blended favorite. I think the hardest thing really is to pick only a few when I love so many.
Hope you enjoyed my choice pictures and my detail photos are clear and understandable.
🍀🍀🍀🍀Thank you🍀🍀🍀🍀

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  1. jackie says:

    Im so proud of you my sweet friend!! Your blog is well written and im glad to be able to read about you!! Now you’re on the web forever!! Love you my sweet Shamzeee!!


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