Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Fredrik Nilsson

Guest Blogger Fredrik Nilsson

Our next guest blogger for this month is Fredrik Nilsson @ifrippe and what I really like about his work is the simple editing about his life in Sweden. He’s for such a beautiful feed of very well composed and simple well edited photos. I want people to know that you don’t have always have to be extreme, even I enjoy the pure pleasure of just taking photos and doing simple editing. My heart will always belong to extreme editing but sometimes we just need to step back and go back to the basics. That’s what’s nice about Frippe’s Instagram and Flickr feed, so read about this amazing guy who loves to share his life in Karlstad, Sweden…

About me:

My name is Fredrik Nilsson, but the majority of my friends call me Frippe. I live in Sweden in a small town called Karlstad, where I work as an engineer.

Besides my family (consisting of my girlfriend and our two sons) and photography, my main interests are watching soccer, traveling and all forms of storytelling. After taking several years off, I recently rediscovered comic book reading. If you haven’t tried Comixology yet, then I recommend you to give it a chance. The new comics from DC Comics are extremely good.

I used to be an avid Flickr user, but now I more or less only use Instagram (@ifrippe). Instagram’s community is a lot more active. The app’s poor resolution also makes you less afraid of trying weird stuff, since you know that editing mistakes will be too eye-catching.


1. What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?

1. Camera+
This app tops a lot of lists for a reason. If I only were allowed to use one app for the rest of my life, then I guess this app would be the one. I like the majority of the filters, but I prefer to just use the app for square cropping, light enhancement and framing (leaving the detail editing for other apps).

The only things this app lacks are layers, straightening, send to Instagram and masking. On Twitter I’ve seen that a new update is in the making, so I hope at least one of the missing functions will be added soon.

2. Snapseed
This app is amazing; it manages to combine simplicity with professional looking edits in a way few other apps do. I use this app for four things: subtle edits, faux HDR, vintage filters and fast edits. Looking at the lists it becomes quite evident that I mostly use Snapseed for photos that I don’t want to look too processed.

3. Photo Forge 2
PhotoForge2 has most of the stuff that Camera+ has plus the stuff that is missing. However, it is also one of the toughest apps to master.

4. Image Blender
This is one of the better layer blending apps. Its thumbnail previews save you from a huge amount of guesswork. Sometimes when I want to use the Clarity filter in Camera+, but find it to intense on the chosen image, I use this app to blend the unprocessed image with one processed in the Clarity filter.

5. Pro HDR
When I was new to iPhoneography I used this app to take highly saturated nature photos. It was during autumn, so the effects became quite interesting. While I still do classical HDR photography occasionally, I’ve become much subtler over time. Now I mostly use the app for fast blends between two photos.

6. Camera Bag
I mainly bought this app after reading an article about Sion Fullana, who probably is the app’s most famous user. The app and I have a complicated relationship. Few apps frustrate me as much. Few apps are so limited in what it can do. Still, when it delivers everything is gone and forgotten. On the images suited for the app, I guess only VSCO Cam can match its quality.

7. Cross Process
This app was one of the first apps I bought. Its processed images tend to be a bit too harsh, but that can be fixed with image blender (provided that you set the app to save the original image). That said I really like the colour shifts and the vignettes the app produces.

8. Plastic Bullet
While the randomness in this app might be fun, what I use this app for it to produce overlays for other photos. I play around with app until I find something interesting, and then I blend the processed image over the original image in another app. This is what I search for when I pick the overlay:
•For a harsher bleach effect I search for a black and white image.
•For a softer effect I search for bright and blurred image
•For a gritty look I search for a dark image.

9. FX Photo Studio
This app was also among my first purchases. In the beginning I tried to use this app for my “one app for all processing steps” photos, but just as with Camera+ the app would benefit from an added layers function. The majority of the effects tend to be too hard or too cheesy for subtle edits, which is why I use this app for the majority of my extreme edits.

10. SketchBook Mobile
I purchased this app some time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I begun to use it for photo editing. I mainly use the app to add “cartoon effects” and to move around pixels for strange blur effects.

2. Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them ?

I almost never listen to music when I take photos, but on the occasions I do I like to listen music that blends well with the background. When I edit the shot I try to listen to a musical style that fits the finished photo. This means that I could listen to any style. I often ask myself the question: if this had been a movie, what had the soundtrack been.

3. Who are your influences ?

I have a real soft spot for faux vintage photography, which has made fashion photography a natural source of inspiration.

The first iPhoneographer I got inspiration from was Sion Fullana; which also introduced me to his talented boyfriend Anton Kawasaki. Aside from being very talented photographers, they also awakened my interest in street photography. Later on Chase Jarvis and the Hipstamatic team brought me closer to my initial source of inspiration, but with me joining Instagram I turned full circle. The people I take most inspiration from today are primarily professional photographers, like Steph Goralnick, Alissa Brunelli, Laura Lawson, Anthony Danielle, Jussi Ulkuniemi and Lauren Randolph.

The people already mentioned are my source of inspiration for composition and light, for image editing my primary inspirations are Emily Rose, Nicki Fitz-Gerald, Dita Wistarini and naturally you Tina (I really like your blog).

Finally, being an engineer I also find inspiration from old hand drawn drawings and the visionary sketches done by architects.

4. Where do you photograph ? What do you like to photograph ? Why do you like to photograph ?

Where – The majority of the photos I take are taken within 20 to 30 kilometres from my home, but I travel a lot in my work so a significant part of my photos have been taken on those trips.

What – I seldom go out on an intentional photo walk; I prefer to photograph the “here and now”. The reason I use an iPhone as a camera, is probably due my preferences for taking spontaneous photos. I especially like to show easily missed details.

Why – I have always been in love with all forms of storytelling. For me photography is visual storytelling. The most appealing thing with photography – compared to similar art forms, like comics and paintings – is that you base your art on reality. You might edit your photos beyond recognition, but they are still based on something that happened in real life.

5. While editing what goes through your mind ? Do you think about things going on with you life or just edit ?

When I edit my photos I am at my best when I enter a mindset free from the worries of real life. It’s not easy to get there, but with practice it can be done.

I tend to avoid using photography as a personal therapy; I prefer to see my art as escapism. For me iPhoneography is all about finding that needle of joy in that great haystack of problems called life. It’s about seeing beauty in the small things, and trying to reconnect with the stuff we used to love but now take for granted. If my art helps someone feel better, then I have succeeded.

6. Anything else you would like to add about yourself and life.

I love to challenge myself to think outside the box. I live by the motto: “to have one good idea you need to have many ideas”. It doesn’t work all the time, but if it had it wouldn’t have been a challenge.

As I have already have written, I have rediscovered comics quite recently. A friend of mine and I have begun to consider comic book creation ourselves. My friend is a CGI artist and I will be the writer. What’s interesting from an iPhoneography point of view is that I use the phone for concept sketches. I often base the sketches on mundane images and then edit them with apps such as SketchBook Mobile.

I love exchanging ideas with other people, so if you are one of the readers drop by Sweden please contact me. @ifrippe on About.Me you can find everything I’m linked to on the web and email me.

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Apps used: Adobe Photoshop Touch, Color Blast! HD, PhotoForge2, Photo fx Ultra and PhotoCopier

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Moon Beams

Apps used:
Adobe Photoshop Touch, PhotoForge2, Alien Sky, Rays and Noir Photo

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Natural Beauty

Apps used: Adobe Photoshop Touch, Pixlr-o-matic PLUS and Phoster

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