Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Ginger Lucero

Guest Blogger Ginger Lucero Collage

This month I’m kicking off the Guest Blogger Series all this month, since I didn’t have a guest blogger last month. Ginger Lucero (@sxethang) kicks it off this month for us. I did ask her last minute to be the guest blogger, so her answers are short and to the point. Which I don’t mind because her iPhoneography work speaks in volume and words can’t always express it. You can look at her work and just stand back in “AWE” of it. I’m a fan of her work, so I’m glad she did the interview for me. Ginger is a very down to earth person who just loves to shoot and edit with her iPhone and a very good friend of mine. She provided a photo for me for my Ambiguous Portrait Series, so I decided to edit and post it up as a surprise for her. Her work was featured in the LA Mobile Arts Festival last month…not bad for being told she wouldn’t go anywhere with her iPhoneography. Ginger’s philosophy on editing is do it from your heart and don’t try to please others. It shows in her work, that’s what I love about her and her art work.

1. What’s the top 10 apps you use the most ?
Hipstamatic, Decim8, ScratchCam, Juxtaposer, Superimpose, Photowizard, Super Retro, Snapseed, Lomora 3 and Jazz!

2. Do you listen to music when you shoot your photos & when you edit them?
Sometimes. It really varies, depending on my mood.

3. Who are your influences?
I have many. Ranging from personal to the friends I follow on different sites. I find inspiration everywhere.

4. Where do you photograph ? What do you like to photograph ? Why do you like to photograph ?
Anywhere and everywhere! I like being able to capture various moments, ranging from trees and skies, to self portraits and flowers; I like it all. Having an iPhone makes it very convenient to capture something I might see. Weather I’m going for a more pure image, or shooting different elements I might use in a later image.

5. While editing what goes through your mind ? Do you think about things going on with you life or just edit ?
While I don’t think I’m consciously thinking of anything going on in my life, subconsciously I think it comes out in some of the pieces I make. When I’m editing, it’s easy to get lost in the image I’m creating. I find it be a very therapeutic moment, a moment to just let go and let the mind take over.

6. Tell everyone about the LA-MAF too.
The LA Mobile Arts Festival was an amazing event. Featuring artists from all over the world. An event to show that art can be made from an iDevice and it is a real art form. I was privileged to have 3 images exhibited in this wonderful show.

Tunnel Vision

Title: Tunnel Vision
Apps: Native, Hipstamatic, Glaze, Imageblender, ScratchCam

As I grow quiet the world around me wakes, it stirs with a familiar sound I've started to welcome in the morning hours.

Title: As I grow quiet the world around me wakes, it stirs with a familiar sound I’ve started to welcome in the morning hours.
Apps: Hipstamatic, Photogene2, Snapseed, Imageblender, Decim8

Gently Weeping

Title: Gently Weeping
Apps: Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob, Camera Awesome

If you would like to check out Ginger’s iPhoneography Art work, you can follow her on Instagram @sxethang and on Sxethang.

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Guest Blogger Ginger Lucero

  1. Joel Adam says:

    Great showcasing of a kickass artist. Congrats, Ginger!

  2. 80sgirlart says:

    Ginger is one of my faves, as well!

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  4. Inspiring artist, humble friend. Love Ginger’s work!

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