Fisheye Pro for 31 Days

Camera Roll-3899

This month project is about Fisheye Pro camera app by Lotogram Technology. The app is based from the Lomo Fisheye One & No.2 plastic camera that takes 35mm film. Out of all the fisheye camera apps I’ve bought or seen, this app is probably the best of it’s kind. What I liked about this app is it’s the closest thing to not using or having a fisheye lens or adapter. I really don’t like the fisheye adapters on the iPhone period because of the edges being blurred out. You could say I’m spoiled from having a fisheye lens on my DSLR camera. The lens is pretty sharp with no blurred out edges. Even the expensive iPro Lens is not all that great and you’re paying $189, that still has blurred out edges…

Balboa Park-2

Example photo shot with my Canon 40D using a Vivitar 7mm Fisheye Lens, pretty sharp and clear.


Example shot with a Fisheye Adapter on my iPhone shot with Hipstamatic, not very sharp or clear.

Fisheye Pro 31/31

Shot with Fisheye Pro using the Nikon 10.5mm lens and Sepia 200 Film. I will explain the Nikon Lens part later in the blog post.

Camera Roll-3909

Now let’s talk about the Fisheye Pro app in details, if you tap on the “?” on the view screen. You will get this screen. What this does is tell you how to operate the camera app. Fisheye Pro is a real easy camera pp to operate as you can see with this screen shot. I don’t have to go into a lot of details of explaining what all the buttons.

Camera Roll-3902

LOMO Fisheye Lens 1

Camera Roll-3901

LOMO Fisheye Lens 2

Camera Roll-3903

Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm

As you can see you have 3 options of lens to choose from, The Nikon Lens was added as an update while I was doing this project. I’m going to guess the developer of this app has or is a fan of Nikon cameras and lenses. It’s a nice addition but it defeats the purpose of the whole concept of Lomography. Realistically this doesn’t work but in the App world anything can happen…

Camera Roll-3904

There are 6 Flash options to choose from, it starts with no flash to 4 Color Flash Ring to 4 separate color flash ring (Blue, Red, Green and Orange). I didn’t use the flash but feel free to try it.

Camera Roll-3905

Films, there are 9 different options to choose from Kodachrome, LOTO 400, Sakura, Sepia 200, LOTOCOLOR 1920, X-PRO 200, Tri-X 400, Red Scale and FUJICHROME Velvia. You use your finger to slide it up and down to pick and choose your film. Some of these films actually existed st the time and some are made up. I used to shoot with Kodak Tri-X 400 (black and white) and Fujichomre Velvia films with my Canon AE-1 35mm film camera. What I would like to see is Ilford HP5 black and white film because I loved the contrast of the film. Where Tri-X was more of mid-tone black and white film.

Camera Roll-3907

Now the last part is the MX or multi-exposures button, I got this from the site. Click MX button(or press volume down hard button) to enable multiple exposure. It will switch back after one capture. Turn it on again if you want the film to be exposed more than twice, which would be surprisingly amazing.

Fisheye Pro 21/31

This is my MX photo taken with Fisheye Pro at night. It looks pretty cool…

This concludes this months project and blog post, next month I will re-visit 645 Pro camera app again. If you have any questions you can leave comments or email You can also check out my page @ashcroft54. Please check out the month long series of photos I took with Fisheye Pro, see you next month !!!

Fisheye Pro 1/31Fisheye Pro 2/31Fisheye Pro 3/31Fisheye Pro 4/31Fisheye Pro 5/31Fisheye Pro 6/31
Fisheye Pro 7/31Fisheye Pro 8/31Fisheye Pro 9/31Fisheye Pro 11/31Fisheye Pro 12/31Fisheye Pro 13/31
Fisheye Pro 14/31Fisheye Pro 15/31Fisheye Pro 16/31Fisheye Pro 17/31Fisheye Pro 18/31Fisheye Pro 19/31
Fisheye Pro 20/31Fisheye Pro 21/31Fisheye Pro 22/31Fisheye Pro 23/31Fisheye Pro 24/31Fisheye Pro 25/31

Fisheye Pro for 31 Days, a set on Flickr.


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